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  1. Thank you, Neil. I just tried all that. I think I may have accidentally deleted them somehow.
  2. Wow!! That’s cool! I was thinking of wood if I used a barrel but I need to get a glue cut in the top of a barrel I have. Thanks, nancy
  3. Thanks for the advice. I will do that. Nancy
  4. Do you know anything about the electric raku kilns on the market? Thank you, Mark!
  5. Thank you, Neil. What if they are in a clay pot?
  6. Hi, Two questions, please: - can I do a saggar in my regular electric kiln? I’m in a bind and can’t get it done at the studios I usually go to. AND - has anyone tried the “top hat” electeic raku kilns? I’m looking to buy my own so I don’t have to depend on anyone else, cause that always screws me up. I already have a Skutt kiln and the electric is in place already. Thanks much, nancy
  7. Thank you, Callie!! I like the oranges, which I assume are the "toastier" side, and I like the more rough or pitted look, so I assume that is the stoneware for me!! Thanks!
  8. I had cracked handles of the time with B mix. I switched to other stoneware clays and haven't had any issues, knock wood. Maybe your clay is tempermental? I attach handles when the mug is pretty Wet. I trim kind of wet, too, but even when the piece is drier and I’m using wetter handles, they havent cracked. I don’t use magic water or slip. I just really scratch the heck out of the clay and then put water on it. I really press the two pieces together! Is easy, no fuss and works. Good luck!
  9. I took a workshop with Steven Hill and single firing worked great with his glazes, but when I tried to do it with commercial glazes, everything came out with pinholes, or “lumpy,” just horrible. Ugh. I followed his schedule, so maybe a different schedule may have worked. nancy
  10. Thank You for all that advice! I can see I have a lot to learn before attempting building anything! nancy
  11. Thank you for that advice. I’m going to a soda fire next month! I’m very excited! Is there a particular clay 10 clay type I should get for soda fire? nancy
  12. Thank you for all of this information! I have a lot to learn and read about! Exciting technique! I can't wait to learn!
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