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  1. Thank you, Mark. You are generous, as always, with your knowledge. Nancy
  2. Mark C, I meant the tankless compressor from Harbor Freight. This one here: https://www.harborfreight.com/high-volume-low-pressure-spray-gun-kit-44677.html Thanks, Nancy
  3. Mark C, do you still like that compressor? I'm looking to start spraying, cause I just Amaco Potters Choice and Celadons and they are brushed on, which takes forever. Thank you, Nancy
  4. Hi, Do you have to buy the plastic bottle separately? Or does it come with the gun? I can't find the listing for it. Thanks!! Nancy
  5. Thank you for doing this!!! I understand now!!! Much appreciated, Nancy
  6. Hi, I have about 8 that I bought as powder mix and mixed them, two that I mixed myself. But I discovered Amaco's Potters Choice glazes and I'm in love. They are brushed on unless you buy them powder and make larger batches. Then you can dip them. They are consistent and play beautifully with each other. There is a great Facebook group I joined, Amaco Cone 5 6 glazes. Check it out!! I was a teacher, too, for 27 years. Now retired and back in school. Of course! Nancy
  7. Hi all, I have an etsy shop and haven't been doing many sales cause I'm in school for another Masters (yeah, I'm nuts, but pottery never paid and I retired from teaching) but with some more time, I put my custom items back on . My sales are up 500% from last year, which doesn't mean much, cause I didn't do much last year, but I just had the best month I've ever had on etsy. Better than the Christmas when I made a lot of pots. Smaller items are selling, and urns are selling again. Mugs, brie pots, urns, planters. Mostly small stuff. I ship mugs Priority Mail USPS in 8x6x6 boxes I get from Staples, and it generally is a lot cheaper than the flat rate medium box for Priority. Since I now include shipping (which etsy really forced) I try to ship Priority the cheapest way I can. I think many people still have jobs but are home, shops are closed and they are stir crazy. I expect this to continue through at least the fall and maybe even Christmas, so I'm trying to make stuff so I don't have to do them custom.
  8. Hi, I tried this, but don't think I"m understanding what you mean when you say you have "the forearm up the side," while your fist is on top. I get what the left hand is doing, but not the right arm and hand. Can you explain a different way? Thanks, nancy
  9. I think as long as 80% of the country is still working or getting unemployment, sales will be up - at least online. My views on etsy are way up over last year and my sales skyrocketed over last year, but I wasn't selling much last year cause I was working again full time. People are home, can't go shopping, and are bored to tears. Thus, they shop. I think Christmas shopping will be good, but online. I think an online presence, even if only Instagram, is vital right now.
  10. Thanks, Callie! Another rabbit hole to fall down! Nancy
  11. HI, I agree that it isn't strength, cause I'm strong and I've seen tiny women throw 25 pounds!! It it my technique. I read your thoughts several times and I think I am getting what you are saying. I am going to have to play some more this weekend when I have time. Thank you! Nancy
  12. Thanks, I never heard or saw that technique!! I am going to try it tonight!!
  13. I'm making pottery for over 9 years and I still can't center well. Anything over 4 or 5 pounds and I'm screwed. I've had excellent teachers show me, I've watched hundreds of videos, practiced hundreds and hundreds of hours and still can't do it. One reason I started handbuilding more. I wonder if body shape has anything to do with it. I'm very strong, should be able to do this, but I am also very short-waisted and have long limbs. Wonder if that affects it?? Probably a ludicrous thought, but has crossed my mind so I thought I'd ask. Nancy
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