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  1. Hi all! I've recently become enamored with tall, funky birds, kind of like sculptures, but I think they are hollow and also jaunty shapes with attitude, like teapots or pitchers that kind of lean or look like a person with a hand on her hip. I don't want to throw the birds, cause they have a narrow neck and I am not good at tall forms that narrow like that. Any ideas on how to handbuild them? As for the jaunty forms, I can handbuild or throw pitchers and teapots, but I'm unsure as to which would be better to then change their shapes so they are more intriguing. I know, I should play around but I am starting to work 60 hours a week for the next few months and I just don't have time so I'm hoping for some suggestions. Thanks, Nancy
  2. Thank you, Neil. I appreciate your generous help. Nancy
  3. Thank you. I'm looking at the sites, and do I need 3 elements for each part? Does that make sense?? It's like 7 elements for $350? I hope I'm reading this wrong!! Thanks!
  4. Thank you, Bill, for all that great information. My husband is the handy one, so I'm sharing all this with him, but I want to learn how to do it, too. Best, Nancy
  5. Hi all, My Skutt kiln, a KM1022-3 model, isn't getting to temperature so I did the test where I put it on, set it for Cone 6 at fast speed and looked at it 30 minutes later. The middle elements don't light up at all. The top and bottom do. My husband also did an amp test as described in the booklet. The amperage test showed 17 for the top, 0 and 0 for the middle elements and the bottom. We are going to try replacing the relay/s first, as that worked last time, but if that doesn't work, we are going to have to replace the elements ourselves. Gulp!! Some questions: where would I buy Skutt elements, and are there top and bottom ones? What is an element crimper?? And what am I missing?? Thank you in advance for any help, Best, Nancy
  6. Ah, thank. I always thought Sgraffito was going through black while this is going through 4 different clay colors.
  7. Hi all, I have wondered this for years. What is the name of this technique where the colored clay is in layers and then the artist scrapes away clay to show the colors underneath? Here is the link for credit purposes:
  8. Hi, I actually fire stuff with Alison!! She is amazing. But her kiln doesn't do the heavy soda that I really love and am trying to learn. Thank you, Nancy
  9. Good morning, I've been looking to find a soda firing workshop or kiln open to outsiders within driving distance of NY. I do have a teacher who does soda firing, but I like the look of Caroline Currier's work and I don't know anyone who does that, as I'm told that amount of soda is tough on the kiln. Alternatively, if anyone knows how to make that kind of kiln, I would love to collaborate on building one, and then open it up to the community who may be interested. Thanks for any information, Nancy
  10. I looked at it last night before I went to sleep. The thermocouple is looking very crispy! Thank you! Nancy
  11. Hi, I have a Skutt kiln. It has been off for a week and it is registering as 489 degrees, when it is clearly about 60 here. When I go to set a cone fire, I get to the end, the Hold, and it says FAIL. i can hit the Start button several times to get it to go ON, but immediately goes off and says FAIL. I can't find my booklet, and online help is not good. Anyone know what it could be? Thank you, Nancy
  12. Hi all, I was just about to order an expensive baking stone for bread/cookies/pizza when I realized (DUH!!) that they are clay!! So I should be able to make one, right? I have a couple of questions: - What kind of clay??? I have low fire red, Laguna 55 cone 6 whitish, Laguna 66 cone 6 handbuilding clay, a cone 10 woodfire clay and I think I have a cone 10 B Mix with grog. - I'm still not good at making wide flat things, so can I use my roller to roll out clay and then cut it to the desired shape? - If my clays aren't good, where would I get an appropriate clay and what kind? Thank you in advance! Nancy -
  13. Morning, After a fruitless google search using what are probably the wrong terms and a search of my brain where I know this knowledge was stored at one time, I am flummoxed. I can't remember how to cut feet out of the bottom of a jar/cyliner/bowl. A client wants a piece with feet like the ones on this antique piece, and I need help. How do I cut feet like these out? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Nancy
  14. Thank you, Mark. You are generous, as always, with your knowledge. Nancy
  15. Mark C, I meant the tankless compressor from Harbor Freight. This one here: https://www.harborfreight.com/high-volume-low-pressure-spray-gun-kit-44677.html Thanks, Nancy
  16. Mark C, do you still like that compressor? I'm looking to start spraying, cause I just Amaco Potters Choice and Celadons and they are brushed on, which takes forever. Thank you, Nancy
  17. Hi, Do you have to buy the plastic bottle separately? Or does it come with the gun? I can't find the listing for it. Thanks!! Nancy
  18. Thank you for doing this!!! I understand now!!! Much appreciated, Nancy
  19. Hi, I have about 8 that I bought as powder mix and mixed them, two that I mixed myself. But I discovered Amaco's Potters Choice glazes and I'm in love. They are brushed on unless you buy them powder and make larger batches. Then you can dip them. They are consistent and play beautifully with each other. There is a great Facebook group I joined, Amaco Cone 5 6 glazes. Check it out!! I was a teacher, too, for 27 years. Now retired and back in school. Of course! Nancy
  20. Hi all, I have an etsy shop and haven't been doing many sales cause I'm in school for another Masters (yeah, I'm nuts, but pottery never paid and I retired from teaching) but with some more time, I put my custom items back on . My sales are up 500% from last year, which doesn't mean much, cause I didn't do much last year, but I just had the best month I've ever had on etsy. Better than the Christmas when I made a lot of pots. Smaller items are selling, and urns are selling again. Mugs, brie pots, urns, planters. Mostly small stuff. I ship mugs Priority Mail USPS in 8x6x6 boxes I get from Staples, and it generally is a lot cheaper than the flat rate medium box for Priority. Since I now include shipping (which etsy really forced) I try to ship Priority the cheapest way I can. I think many people still have jobs but are home, shops are closed and they are stir crazy. I expect this to continue through at least the fall and maybe even Christmas, so I'm trying to make stuff so I don't have to do them custom.
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