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  1. Looking forward to this years installation...."The art of Emotion"

  2. Very nice. I love crackle glazes. I had a great recipe and somehow lost it:( I have other recipes that work ok, but not as good as the one I lost.
  3. I love making little canisters for tea and what not. These are my latest. I plan on making fabric coverlets for them.
  4. Sylvia Fuller

    Koi Vase

    I love Koi and have a pond filled with them. I was reading about these wild Koi in japan that are on the endangered list so I decided to sculpt a few on this vase. The driftwood handle was found in a rive while camping in Washington. This is one of my favorites. This vase was Raku fired in Yucca Valley, Ca.
  5. These vases were wheel thrown and altered by applying reliefs. The vases were raku fired. I am always looking for unique pieces of driftwood or objects that would add a unique finish to my pieces. The lids to these vases have driftwood as handles, which I found while camping in Washington. These vases will be in my next exhibit. Thank you for visiting my page.
  6. Multimedia artist. California potter. Loves to Raku

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