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  1. I have bisqued to both 04 and 06. Some of my glazes pinholed at cone 06but not at 04. Of course the softer the bisque, the more glaze it soaks up, so with a thicker coating the glaze may look different. You might try a couple of pieces from your 06 firing just to see how finicky your glaze is. It really shouldn't matter too much. Of course I am glaze firing to cone 6, so it sounds like you are firing earthenware, so that may be different.
  2. Denice,

    Thanks for writing. I accidentally deleted the message before I finished reading all of it, but I appreciate your kind support. It boggles the mind that Mia is the moderator. She seems a little overly critical, and I am overly sensitive, so that is a bad combination. I did get a lot out of the rest of the posts though. I hope you have a great Christmas holiday!

  3. Are there any Walgreen's there? I get Bag Balm at Walgreens in the lotion department.
  4. I really enjoyed reading your life story. Glad things worked out for you.TJR.

  5. Ok, true confessions time. I sometimes...ok, USUALLY...open the kiln when it is still hot. I take out all the peeps at about 700 then prop the lid up a little bit when it is 400 or so, then open the lid all the way when it's at 300. I figure I can take a dish out of my kitchen oven at more than that, so why not. I have never, never had a problem. Except once I singed my eyebrows peeking but that was at a much higher temp. I am not a patient person.
  6. Denice, what does your schedule look like this Thursday? I was thinking of coming to visit my sister and bringing her with me to visit you before going into Wichita to run an errand or two. Let me know if Thursday will work for you.


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