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Is This Kiln Worth Fixing?

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Evening Ceramic Arts Community,

After a long stint of teaching without a kiln, and then having the opportunity to work for a semester with one, I got the bug again and remembered how much I love clay under my fingernails. Serendipity steps in and I'm offered a free kiln just to clear it out of its current residence. Hopeful, but hesitant I visit the kiln to snap some pics and see what I can find out, as its been a long time since undergrad... So please take a look and let me know if/ what can be done.


Skutt Model K

Crack in the brick on kiln floor

Flashing peeled away on base

Lid loose, hinge partially attached.

Chip in brick along top edge

Exposed elements

Much obliged,








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It's not that bad:


1. It's not a model K. That's the model of the Kiln Sitter shutoff device. Look at the serial plate and you'll see that it's a Skutt 1018.

2. The broken bricks at the bottom can be ignored for now. Just use some element pins to hold the elements to the wall or floor. When it's due for new elements, then change out the bricks.

3. The broken brick at the top is not a problem. Purely cosmetic.

4. If the floor is cracked all the way through, put a piece of sheet metal under it to support it better and it'll be fine.

5. It's missing the metal band on the floor slab. It's not totally necessary, but it does provide some structural support.

6. Tighten up the body bands and put bigger screws in the hinge plate to get it to hold tight.

7. Elements look to be in good condition.

8. Over all, the bricks are in good condition.


I'd use it.

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In better shape than the one I use to bisque fire. Before you do anything to the elements though heat the area you're

going to bend to a nice cherry red so it won't break. As far as the floor, I put a kiln shelf on the bottom of mine, working

so far (about 2 years). Neil is the kiln guru though.


Good luck



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Thank you all. I have a few weeks before he new school year starts up, so this will be my project. If I can get it up and running just for a reliable bisque Ill be happy. Unfortunately doesn't come with any shelves or anything else, so ill have to pick those up. Anyone familiar with the hudson valley / north jersey area that can recommend a good supplier or possible back up for kiln rental? Ive found some with google searches, but recommendations are valuable.

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