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    Looking at an Alpine HF-16 kiln

    Looks like it's been stored outside since the cold war
  2. It's about the same here in the US, both domestically and internationally. I know Canadian post is very expensive and third party logistics companies are more affordable there (dhl, ups, etc). Id like to see some other countries post their costs, this is a great idea to see some comparisons (although I'm sure all of these prices could be found online too)
  3. liambesaw

    Woodley leach wheel head removal

    yeah this (glaring at my splash pan)
  4. liambesaw

    slow leaking pots

    Glaze defects. Bubbles, blisters, crawling, crazing, the glassy glaze may look immaculate but under a microscope could be full of defects. A well fitting glaze is really important for unvitrified clay like earthenware. I don't like unvitrified clay in general because of the mildew problem. I don't use a dishwasher and air-dry my dishes in a rack so things can get gross pretty quick
  5. liambesaw

    Purchased Glazes For Dipping

    I'd order from the clay store 2 hours away. Shipping will be cheapest. Powdered glaze is heavy and expensive to ship
  6. liambesaw

    Paul Soldner Workshop

    Sounds like me in the summer, I'll keep in mind not to host any workshops haha. I love hearing about eccentric artists, thank you.
  7. Oh so it just helps dry them faster? I made a fixture out of slices of soft brick so I can reuse it because I kept forgetting to make them up ahead of time. Neat. Never heard of vermiculite referred to as mica. When I hear mica I think of the glittery powder.
  8. Love that angled cylinder one, beautiful
  9. What is the purpose of that? Very curious
  10. liambesaw

    Peeling slip after glaze firing

    Have you tried not glazing one an seeing if it happens? Could be the CoE is too different between the glaze and slip and body. Just a guess since that is a low fire slip recipe. Here is a thread where low fire slips are discussed if you want to try fishsauce slip, the recipe is a few posts down.
  11. liambesaw

    Likely ruined plaster wedging table

    It's gonna be stained. I'd let her know so she can decide what to do, could be as simple as sanding that area off and burnishing it. Whatever you do though, don't try to hide it or fix it. You might only make things worse. I use different boards for different clays because this red clay I have stains everything it touches.
  12. liambesaw

    No shelves

    I'd ask the person in charge at the studio
  13. liambesaw

    cracks in cake plates

    Almost looks like gravity got the best of it
  14. Well my wet box froze last night, as I have no room for it inside and the temperatures dropped into the 20s here, had a few mugs and a really nice large lidded jar waiting for handles in there, it's now something more akin to modern art haha. Serves me right for procrastinating and not doing handles over the weekend!
  15. Been doing noodle bowls this week but took a break to make this jar. Had to mix it up. Over the weekend I did a bisque and a glaze firing of some mugs for Christmas gifts, they turned out OK, had some bowls in there too which turned out better. Will focus on bowls the rest of the week, want to make enough for a kiln load by the weekend and see if I cant get them bisqued and glazed. Looking for a used kiln this holiday season for bisquing since that part of my firing takes the longest and I have to babysit the kiln the entire 12 hours. It would free me up to do other things.
  16. liambesaw

    Hairline Cracks During Bisque Firing- Why?

    Oh wow, I'm surprised I haven't run into that. I do all of those things haha. I've cracked bisqueware by heating it too fast though so I understand how that could happen when firing green
  17. liambesaw

    Hairline Cracks During Bisque Firing- Why?

    If you're compressing your bottoms well and not lettting water sit in the bottom, i would blame the clay. I've never heard of a firing process introducing cracks, my bisque casualties have always been massive and violent. If it were from stacking improperly I'd expect the crack to form on the rim instead of the bottom. If your facility has been recycling clay it might be losing too many fines and needs them replaced (glazenerd's recipe is I think 60% ball clay, 20% silica, 20% feldspar @ 1 cup per gallon of reclaim) I'd definitely ask the professor though, it's probably something they've seen before and can remedy.
  18. liambesaw

    What To Do With Old, Dry, Moldy Clay?

    The idea is that it helps with plasticity, so if that is something you desire in a cast, good. Even in your buckets with no light there is likely mold, it just isn't sporulating (turning black or green). I don't slipcast but when I see mold in my reclaim I just blunge it in with the rest.
  19. liambesaw

    Pricing my work?

    If what you are doing is working for you, why change? After 5 years, repeat customers know what to expect from you. I think everyone struggles putting a number on the work they do, it's a real time evaluation of self-worth. You can price things fairly, based on the cost of materials and a reasonable hourly wage, but this is more along the lines of a person making functional wares. With sculpture i feel like it's much more feeling based. Anyway, I think you should continue doing what you're doing because it sounds like people are buying your art for a reasonable price and that's the biggest hurdle.
  20. I only ever buy 500 lbs at a time, I have no room in my 980 sq ft home so it's stacked on shelves in my shed/studio. I may bring a few boxes at a time indoors just so I don't have to worry about trying to throw with cold hard clay though.
  21. I wish I had an economical way of preventing it, but it's gonna be in the 20s at night this week and even with a space heater going it sometimes isn't enough. But I've got a trick up my sleeve for at least this cold snap... I'm down to my last bits of clay and won't be able to drive down to Seattle pottery until probably after the new year... So take that mother nature! Hah!
  22. liambesaw

    Spectrum glazes didn't fire correctly

    You can lay a layer of ceramic fiber on the rim before you close the lid, and plug the peep holes, that might get you closer!

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