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  1. I'm right handed, so I think that makes me double weird? Dunno, ended up working. I usually start off throwing a cylinder as high and thin as I can get it to set the mood, don't wanna go in on a big hunk of clay cold!
  2. I have a series of vases with shoulders I am incising and I'm just using an exacto blade and a Kemper small carver. I've been doing it on leather hard, it seems hard to get crisp lines and uniform depth, I'm doing a lot of tedious touch-up. Any tips for this style of texturing/carving? I have a ways to go on this piece but hopefully you get the idea.
  3. liambesaw

    Good tools for incising/carving

    Oh good idea, I am a dental technician, I will ask my boss for some old tools. Don't even know why that didn't come to mind, I use them all day for carving haha
  4. He means mold on his fired pieces, you can see the mildew he's talking about on the bottoms of his feet there. No bueno
  5. My wheel can go clockwise, but it also doesn't feel right. I guess I just adapted to doing it the wrong way and now everything else feels wrong. Hasn't gotten in the way of much, just wonder how much quicker I would have progressed doing things the right way.
  6. liambesaw

    Kick wheel troubles

    Kinda sounds like you're missing a bearing down below. The axle should be seated on a bearing, at least according to all the wheel plans I've seen. Something like this
  7. liambesaw


    Very good!
  8. liambesaw


    Grip of death sounds painful haha. I would rather brace the trimming tool with both hands. I do an initial bulk trim with my Dolan pear and then finish off with a hacksaw style tool. If I start with the hacksaw style I get more chatters even while bracing the entire blade with both hands. I think with just more time and experience you kinda figure out how to hold the tools to get the best out of them. I tried to draw a picture but it I don't think it says what I feel like it should. Gotta get that sharp edge right in there and spread the cutting surface horizontally and then swing it down into the chatters and it just blasts them all away. More of a feely thing than an explainy thing.
  9. liambesaw

    How did you learn to fire your own kiln?

    F, that initial drop is just the heat in the air dispersing, it still takes 8 or so hours to get down to 300 when I crack the lid. My fiber is 2 inch 8 pound, the outside gets to about 400 degrees during a cone 6 firing (inside is 2250) so it's pretty decent insulation
  10. liambesaw

    How did you learn to fire your own kiln?

    My ceramic fiber kiln drops about 500 degrees the first hour it's turned off, and that slows quite a bit after. It's not as leaky as I had assumed.
  11. liambesaw


    Sometimes it helps to turn your trim tool diagonal to the axis instead of perpendicular when removing stubborn chatter marks. Instead of the top picture do the bottom one to remove them. At least that's how I do.
  12. liambesaw

    Faded colored slip

    Is it a zinc free clear glaze? Also what percentage of stains did you use in your slip recipe
  13. liambesaw

    Carbon Trap Shino

    The size and color of flame coming out of the peep\chimney
  14. liambesaw


    One hand on the handle of your tool, the other hand bracing the bowl and also with fingers on the tool will help a lot. So will sharpening your tool. Slow it down a bit like hulk said as well.
  15. Maybe styrofoam insulation it has a shiny foil side? Can't imagine osb being good with moisture
  16. I'd find a better source than "free" shipping supplies, I think those are supplied for free because they're expecting you to ship something with them!
  17. I am a firm believer that no matter how you were taught or got instruction that you develop a personal throwing style, which includes doing things that you know you aren't supposed to do. Myself, I throw counter clockwise but use my right hand inside the form and lift with my left hand on the outside. I've tried throwing clockwise and I've also tried switching my hands but something about throwing backwards feels natural to me. So what is your bad habit that is now just your style?
  18. There are tons of cricuts and silhouttes on Craigslist and OfferUp for under 50 bucks here.
  19. Here's a good seminar on using paper stencils: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPIa-G5E2PE
  20. Weigh 100 ml of glaze, anything over 100g is the powder theoretically
  21. Take out some for test batches, add some RIO to one and some zircopax to another and check to see if either darkening it a little or lightening it up a little makes it look any better. There's no magic bullet
  22. Try test batches where you step the rutile down and/or the titanium. I'd also try subbing some zircopax or tin for some of the titanium if I were trying to fine tune the color
  23. I have half a dozen amaco plastibats which are about a quarter inch thick. I wouldn't buy them again for a few reasons. First, they warp pretty easily, it's pretty frustrating because the reason I initially shied away from Masonite was because of the reputation for warping, and I had a plastibat warp after maybe 10ish uses. At least with a Masonite bat I can get the bottom of the sucker wet and it'll warp down onto the wheel head in a minute or two. The second issue was that even though it is textured, it still doesn't grip clay like you'd hope for, I've had pieces come off halfway through throwing which is a huge bummer. The texture also will chew your hands up when centering, hurts yo. Other than that, they're a joy. Feels like cutting board plastic so HDPE? I went back to hardboard (Masonite style) because the plastic was just too problematic. Good luck in your ventures, hopefully my gripes can give you some areas to Target in your design.

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