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    Two full dip glaze application

    Are you waiting until it's very dry? I will glaze the insides in the morning and then set everything out in the sun until the evening and then glaze the outside. If it's not totally bone dry you can run into problems double dipping
  2. To remove from that in the future you can wait til it stiffens a bit and flip it over and try to tap it out
  3. Interesting! A lot of what I'm thinking when making forms is "how will the glaze react to this form?" And it still never quite reacts the way I envisioned, I need to work on my vision
  4. Here's the article for the lazy among us: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramics-monthly/ceramic-art-and-artists/ceramic-artists/lessons-learned-time/ Nice read but if you've lurked around here for a while it's all OLD HAT! I need to settle into some things, I can throw 30 mugs a night that all look pretty much the same, but for some reason bowls are a total mess for me. I need to figure out a better way to bring them to the gauge because the way I learned bowls was to V them and then open them and it just doesn't work well with a gauge. But I am slowly building out my forms.
  5. Ah that's why! It's an aluminum jello mold! For ceramics plaster is much easier.
  6. liambesaw

    Strontium ...

    Thats for sure! I have one that does such crazy unpredictable things every time, it's getting old! It's supposed to be a turquoise matte, which it is sometimes... Sometimes it's glossy, sometimes it's a crater glaze, sometimes it's blue. You can see in this picture that covering it with a rutile saturated glaze results in a dry matte! Usually that rutile glaze causes running on other matte glazes! Craziness I tell you!
  7. liambesaw

    Do you know what glaze this is?

    Choose a white glaze and experiment with adding granular illmenite or granular manganese. Or wedge either of those or iron into your clay and fire in reduction and the dots will bleed through.
  8. Hah not quite, more like hack of all trades, master of none
  9. Did a glaze firing over the weekend, here's some of the doggie bowls and a few of the more interesting mugs. Loving my new digital controller.
  10. It says it's just security updates. Sounds like we won't be able to tell a difference visually.
  11. To be honest the bowl just looks like it's been glazed, especially the way the edges of the white area have fluxed. But either way, reduction fired iron bodies will ooze iron in dots like that. I've had it come pretty far through a tin glaze and tin is one of, if not the strongest opacifier. You'll have to try it out
  12. Probably not, the reduction firing will draw the iron through the glaze until it hopefully reaches the surface
  13. 441 dollars!? Good God, theres some cheaper controllers out there!
  14. liambesaw

    Solid State Relay Conversion

    Didn't say that. Just saying for search purposes that it shows up under solid state relay
  15. So it's probably not a plaster mold Edit: wolfs original reply to this was "no, it's not white". They edited to "what". This edit is to clear any potential confusion.
  16. Is it a plaster mold? If so, the piece should separate itself when it's leather hard. If it's some other material, probably not gonna end well. I saw someone trying to use a silicone mold with disastrous results. Silicone and plastic are good for concrete or plaster that self set, not as good for clay which requires drying.
  17. liambesaw

    Solid State Relay Conversion

    I've never seen someone refer to an SSR as anything but SSR, but if you search for solid state relay, the posts here explaining it will still show up
  18. Had a dream last night that there was some kind of potluck or something and I was eating off of one of your wamo mamo plates. So weird.
  19. liambesaw

    Engobe And Glaze

    Calculators are ballpark figures for coe, I use them like this: glaze 1 crazes on my stoneware, and has a calculated coe of 7.5, so I know I should adjust the recipe to lower the coe. If the craze patterns are tight, try to adjust it down to 6.5, if it's barely crazed, maybe drop it to 7.0 I don't know the coe of my clay because it's a commercial clay, so I'm kind of stuck doing back and forth estimates like this.
  20. liambesaw

    Strontium ...

    It's used in fireworks (and road flares)
  21. liambesaw

    Strontium ...

    You can try to burn it and see if it makes a bright red flame. May have to blow a cloud of it through a torch flame.
  22. liambesaw

    Youth Wheel Throwing

    Seems silly, I was introduced to the wheel in third grade, still have all my bones and they're fairly developed at 35.
  23. liambesaw

    Oil based "plasticine" clay recipe

    You can get microcrystalline wax from pottery supply.

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