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  1. Thank you all for your help. I’ve tried 5, 10, and 17% EPK. 10% seems to have corrected most of the warping issue. 5% was not enough. I’m currently bisquing a larger run of 40 mugs and should know definitively by the end of the week if 10% EPK is the solution. Although now I think I have a bit of a glaze fitment issue and it seems like EPK is causing more pinholes even in heavily deflocculated slip (more testing soon). Jeff – thanks for the suggestion. You found trimming the lip outside of the mold resulted in less deformed? The shear force from the razor didn’t cause deformation?
  2. Mark and Liam - thank you! I'll try both 5% and 10% this week and post results. I'm using a cone 5 body.
  3. Also I would add that if you're using mold soap or sealer that is mixed with water, make sure your model is 100% dry before pouring plaster. If your release agent is still wet, the plaster mold will have soft spots and can crumble/leave divots.
  4. Hi all, My slip cast porcelain mugs are warping. The clay body is purchased dry from Laguna clay and I mix to 1.8 SG with their recommended deflocculates. I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue for 4 months. I've even left the body of the mug in the mold until bone dry and then placed directly in the kiln without attaching a handle or cleaning the rim - it still warped. Here are some other things I've already tried: Drying slowly and evenly over a week Carefully removing from mold such that they are still circular before bisque Casting thicker walls Compr
  5. Hi - I could use some help figuring out why my casting slip developed this swirl on the top of the bucket. This is a Laguna cone 5 porcelain casting slip. I followed the manufactures recipe. It has 14ml Sodium Silicate and 27ml Darvan 7 to 50lbs of clay. Specific gravity is 1.80. I don’t believe the slip is over deflocculated. Mixed for 10mins with a big Jiffy Mixer (best I can do with a drill) and swirl appears instantly after mixing. The swirl is noticeable on the finished piece.
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