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  1. I built the kiln where the damper, blower and fireboxes were on one side. The chimney is between the fireboxes and has a heat shield. Air is forced between this heatshield and the chimney brick preheating the air that is channeled to the fireboxes. At our altitude (6500 ft) the problem is a lack of oxygen and the blower, scavenged from a home forced air furnace, was the remedy. It's an all hard brick kiln but I've insulated it well with kaowool and other various materials and wrapped it with corrugated roofing material.
  2. Wood firing doesn't have to use forests of wood and take days to fire.. for example I built a large 80 cubic foot kiln that fires from dark to cone 11 in 7 hours and uses around 1/2 cord of scrap wood.
  3. Russ

    Orange Red Iron Glaze

    Here's a John britt tomato red^10 wood fired reduction. This I do know about this iron saturate glaze.... it must be fired to the prescribed temp or above and cooled very slowly for the color to appear. When I say appear I mean that it doesn't develop the color till somewhere around 500f. Before that it's a muddy brown. Don't ask me why it's just my observations. It takes my kiln 4 days to cool so I mean slowly.
  4. Russ

    Wheel removal

    If you zoom in on the small hole on the left I see threads. My guess is there are Allen set screws in there perhaps...?
  5. Hi guys 80cf Woodfired I do lots of throwing with sculpting added to pieces... lamps ,sconces ,banks , sinks, face mugs etc... Mugs are my "fillers pieces around 60 to 70 a day I'll work about a month to fill it. So from beginning throwing and sculpting to glaze firing is a month and a half. I'll really feeling old lately. . In my younger days I used to be able to fill the kiln in 3 days with thrown pieces.
  6. Russ

    Averting kiln disasters

    Well for economic reasons I would think most potters fire a full kiln. I usually fire anywhere between 300 to 500 pieces in my kiln and if fired correctly there's usually no concern about exploding pieces.
  7. I believe there is a switch on the bottom of the motor to reverse the rotation. I have a Thomas Stewart that looks identical that has a reversing switch.
  8. Makes great fill for potholes on our dirt road....
  9. Russ

    wheel movement

    That Kirk is a know it all sometimes. The Flux drive is only controlled by the main flux capacitor... everybody knows that.
  10. Russ

    T S wheel users...

    I have the pro model so the pan is not removable. I haven't even thought about the distance as it seems comfortable to me. perhaps if you sat higher???
  11. Russ

    wheel movement

    I would like to know just exactly what the differences are with the ssx compared to without. The foot pedal is very responsive without the ssx. It is a little noisy even with the not so good hearing I possess. I just want to know the differences are before I plunk down the $250 just to find out nothing really changes dramatically. ....
  12. Russ

    wheel movement

    Me too. I talked with Skutt about the ssx drive and asked the same questions about it. I got my Thomas Stewart wheel around 10 years ago and opted not to have the ssx installed. It's the professional model and because of the large motor it is somewhat noisy. I would love to hear from someone who has had it both ways and what the advantages are with the ssx drive.

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