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  1. with regard to halloysite in Canada:

    Callie - true- its not mined here :( & Ive been frustrated for years because I know where there is some, same geologic setting as the NZ deposit except its not right on the coast for handy-dandy extraction, processing & shipping.   Can't get the area I know about going due to lack of funding for initial exploration work.

    I've heard rumors about a possible deposit in Idaho  but nothing in production yet.

    If I ever get a chance to be back in the area that I know about I will grab a big bucket full.

  2. On 5/29/2019 at 9:30 PM, liambesaw said:

    Maybe it's just the stuff that finds me, but it's really kitschy or edgy or witty.  I think a lot of the popular art right now is people feeling like they have to either make something so awful it's adorable or overly shocking/dark/depressed, and then wittiness seems to underly a lot of these themes.  

    Thats definitely pigeonholing an entire two decades of art into a tiny narrow beam, but from what I see as popular it is usually some depressing theme, with a witty political message or something that purposely looks like vintage kitsch.

    I'm not a huge fan, but I do understand it and why it is popular.  People be upset.

    Maybe a name could be the period of unrest or discomfort.

    It's tiring isn't it!

  3. I went to visit Gary Holt about 7 years ago. He explained his process and it does take more care and safety to work with the metal salts. His work is beautiful and it really has a  striking water colour effect.  It would be best if you had a  background in chemistry to proceed and had all of the personal protective gear and a good place to work.  Much of the metal salts are difficult to obtain. He works with southern ice and it takes multiple firings to complete each piece. I've been kicking myself for not buying a piece - just the how-to-video :(

  4. How do you make a raku cup -food safe usable? I've always treated it as purely decorative not for food items but I've seen raku tea cups. Do  you just use clear or white glaze or safe stains in a clear glaze base without metal oxides? It invariably has fractures through the glaze so how can it be usable?  Hand wash only?

  5. I did a few small one day shows. It was pretty easy- I had a small foldable table  & chair and I used the show's bigger tables as well,  a beige painters floor cloth for a  table cloth, a few bricks for some cloth-covered boards to make risers and my pottery. It all fit into my little car.

  6. Someone has to be bringing him to class. The school could probably fill you in on more due to safety issues. I agree with Lee about the safety issue - as long as he's not near the kilns or anything else hazardous then he will be fine and its a good thing for people to help him out - good for them and good for him.  He won't be with you for long as S.Dean said above . Unfortunately my Mom is going thru this now - she's 96 and she's taking part in activities to keep her mobile. Actually the care home's version of pottery is just the paint on type and my Mom would not have done this when she was younger & healthy. She used to go clubs with jazz music,  travel all over Canada & the US,  enjoy going out to dinner, shows, racetracks, boating, etc - she'd roll her eyes about painting flower pots if she was still herself.  She still laughs at jokes - try that with him instead of being so serious :)

    ( think I've told this story before - if so please ignore!)

  7. Seems like a lot people are struggling with this topic right now. Elon is trying to figure out how to make his Model 3 less expensive. Apple is realizing that $1000 is a bit much for a cell phone.  Heath Ceramics has an outlet in Sausalito with seconds at a lower price.  Wish I had their problems!

    I haven't got the energy to sell 1000 pots for $1!  So its try to make things well, try to make them attractive and try to figure out the market as I go.

  8. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/539y4z/the-horrible-anger-you-feel-at-hearing-someone-chewing-is-called-misophonia

    If it is this, then it is a disability. It is something she has to deal with and you may not be able to help her but perhaps the college can.  The legalities of your position covered in previous replies helps you but not her  and it sounds like she needs real help.

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