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  1. Creating A Workshop

    @Marcia Selsor @GEP, Thanks again for your assistance. We have our workshop scheduled and registrants before we put out sent out advertising.
  2. End Rolls

    Been using these for years, anyone traveling through Sioux Falls, a local printer has a room of these, little more the Mea paid, but almost always have a couple inches (2"-6") left on the roll.
  3. Has Anyone Done A Pottery Fundraiser?

    Thank you for a fascinating topic, It has been interesting to read and think back to the multitude of requests received during my short time selling pottery. Simple rule for me....if I like/agree/support your cause and the 1st request of the month, you get a pot. If not, you don't. I don't donate from the booth, must come from stock. If I don't get a thank you, preferably by mail, but in person will suffice, you are off the list for future donations. I don't bother with paperwork, other than give them 2 business cards, one to stay with the pot, one for their forms. I will deliver locally if convenient, otherwise they have to pickup. I annually donate to the local art center's big gala event. In exchange for the donation of art, can either get 25% of the sales price or a ticket to the event. I've gone a few times, other times just donated the the whole amount. This style of event still working here, every piece I've donated has gone well over my original asking price. I have always been treated great, before, after and during. The really rare part, I mean really RARE part, is I've actually sold additional pieces to the winning bidder when they contacted me after the auction. So it does happen, but only when Halley's comet eclipses the sun on the 5 Tuesday of the month.
  4. Creating A Workshop

    Thanks ladies for the advice. My wife and I have been discussing a schedule and looking at supply costs, trying to decide what to what processes to include, what questions do we get asked the most. etc.. We have one handout already prepared from the Obvara workshops we have done, it would just need to be expanded for the other firings. Did not think of having an observer price point, I have never seen that in any of the workshops I've looked at. We talked about a student rate, and/or possibly co-artist/spouse rate. thanks again, chad
  5. Creating A Workshop

    Looking for a little guidance on setting up workshop and how to determine how to price it. My clay supplier will host and provide material/supplies, and in exchange take a portion of the registration fees to cover their costs. Planning on a weekend event, sat/sun. Doing Obvara, Pit and saggar firings, throwing demos and applying terra sigg, I know the applying sigg is simple, but it is one of the most common questions I get. I've developed a decent list of potential attendees, probably 3x the number I can realistically fit in the space, and I understand most of those will never sign up, but believe there are several others in the area that i'm fairly certain will sign up, they sign up for everything. My clay supplier says they have gotten several requests for a workshop from us, so they have a list of names as well. Just not sure on the cost and any advice from the seasoned workshop presenters would be appreciated. I have done a couple short workshops on obvara alone that have gone okay, decent attendance, may have been set up a little to long, too many just kept pulling out more and more pieces to be fired. thanks, Chad
  6. Knife: Flexible Or Rigid (Or Both)?

    A plaster knife? Wow, most of mine are made of steel. Does it cut well? Thanks Chilly, I needed a laugh.
  7. Collaborative Work

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  8. Obvara

  9. My Kiln Build

    Just want to say thanks for all the info, if I ever decide to build a kiln, I hope I remember this is here.
  10. Is This Crazing?

    I agree with Mark, could have fallen in from something about it as well, possibly on the bottom of the shelf above it? Speaking from experience on this one, discovered the source after running several gallons through a sieve.
  11. couple artists around hear use buffalo hair, much finer lines, typically looks like steel wool pad stretched out.
  12. High Fire, Then Pit Fire? Food Safe?

    I agree with what has been said. pit fire is not food safe! there are many chemicals that can make it less porous, but those are almost worse in the level of toxicity. The milk firing can effectively seal the vessel, much like Obvara, but both of those can wear through with use requiring the vessel to re-fired.
  13. Had to think about this for a bit....growing up, my parents did not believe in art as a hobby let alone a career. It was foolishness and a waste of time. The house was decorated from home decorating parties (similar to Avon, Tupperware, etc) and the JC Penny catalog. Music was the only acceptable form of art, and only as a hobby. My father was furious when I quit chorus. The school I graduated from did not teach art after the 6th grade, but was able to metal sculptures and woodworking in shop class, which were to parent approved skills. Fast forward several years, met my wife. Her parents and grandparents were artists, main-streaming as pottery and ceramic wholesale and manufacturers. My father-in-law is the one who taught me how to throw, giving 5-10 minute lessons and a bag of clay to go practice. They have encouraged me the whole way and doing the parent bragging as if I was their own. My wife is my partner, she is with me side by side during the firings and assisting in the studio. She prepares the saggars, and does most of the talking at the workshops and shows. She listens as I verbalize my ideas, and challenges me to change them when they don't seem right. I have learned to listen to her, she is usually right. Our kids are happy when we do well, but not as happy having to haul materials around, they are all under 18 and get to be involved regardless of their thoughts on the matter. They each have artistic abilities of their own, musically and visually. I learned latter in life, that my birth mother was a very talented painter, but same with my parents, her parents encouraged her to find more suitable things to do with her time. My parents have come around, My mother gives our pottery at every wedding. Most of my siblings have been supportive, some buy, some just ask really good questions like they are trying to understand.
  14. just keep throwing,just keep throwing...

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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Nice to see you back, Chad! I am throwing a lot this week. Very excited about some teapots.

    3. Up in Smoke Pottery

      Up in Smoke Pottery

      Thanks Marcia, been sidetracked for a while. Just loaded a couple obvara in the gallery from out last firing

    4. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      will check them out.

  15. Rolling Kiln Stand

    I do have a steel rolling stand that I had made by a local welder friend, picked up some "drop steel" angle iron from steel supplier for a couple bucks and had my friend recreate my factor stand with locking steel casters. Works great, although seldom move it anymore. good to know about the softbrick and cement board.

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