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  1. Sat down to throw a bunch of mugs and for the life of me I could not get the 1# ball of clay to center! It felt like I was starting all over again, like those YouTube videos of the ball of clay throwing the big football player around the wheel. I cut the ball off, re-wedged it to make certain there wasn't a lump or air pocket I missed, and tried again. After several minutes or more, adjusting my hand positions, bracing my arms against my legs or splash pan, still could not get this stupid ball of clay to center. The problem....my wheel was reversed, I never noticed I just sat down and nee
  2. Do you find sales better at small shows( <50 booths) or large shows(>200 booths) or somewhere in the middle? What is the worst booth neighbor to have... A). The German Roast Nuts....the intoxicating aroma becomes nauseating after a couple hours B). Kettle Korn, with the gas burner igniting every 10-15 mins drowning out all other sounds C). The Peruvian flute players playing their whole catalog of music from their CD's D). The overly chatty neighbor with no filter on what details they readily share E). Beer Tent Others????
  3. interesting question.... Bucket with sponge and chamois, wooded knife, needle tool, and a variety of ribs, wood, silicon, and metal, and of course the cut off wire. loop tool for trimming. and occasionally stamps or sprig molds for decoration.
  4. Right or wrong, We add sales tax to all credit card transactions through Square, We offer a "cash discount" by paying the sales tax on all cash sales. Eliminates the need to carry coins.
  5. looks like sprayed underglazes with a clear glaze over the top. then a luster fire for the gold.
  6. I have used Minwax Polycryllic to salvage damage pieces. Available at most hardware stores, and probably Walmart. Just follow the directions. It is crystal clear, but will need time to dry. I used metal stilts to keep the piece off the countertop and allows me to cover the whole piece.
  7. Plastic bags here also. Dry Cleaners bags, garbage bags, grocery bags, whatever plastic I have on hand. Keep many various sizes depending on what needs covered. Easily replaced, don't take up much room.
  8. Marcia, it was great to finally meet you! looking forward to playing around with a couple idea gleamed from the panel this weekend!
  9. Callie it was great meeting you, loved the show!!! My wife says I should have bought the cup with the flask, she got a kick out of the description. Might have to make one for fun.
  10. Thrift stores around here have them for about a quarter, there are even one with a wiggle wire, but not a s common.
  11. Wow...sorry you have to go through with this. I wish you the best in whatever direction you elect to go.
  12. Some of our Pit fired pieces. thanks for looking.
  13. Marcia, you are on my list to try to meet in Minneapolis! This sound like a wonderful panel discussion. I cannot wait.
  14. Liam V. Pit firing can be very fun and challenging, been doing for 10 years now. We do bisque 1st, but can be done from a green state just need to go much slower and start with the pots outside the fire and slowly move them towards the fire as time goes by and turning them to heat/dry evenly. They will never be considered "food safe". Obvara is another fun technique, it will produce items that are sealed and useable for short periods of time. Water or other fluids will turn the obvara mixture to paste. It will not prevent chemicals from leaching through though. As for pit firing in
  15. Planning on doing a few "new" test in the next round of firings.... 1st will be on Monday. playing with some new chems. Thanks for the inspiration.
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