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Glaze travel

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I need to travel down the road with a few pots to glaze in another kiln I can slow cool in.  I am hoping to stiffen up the glazes so they don’t bump and fall off.  They are cone 6 if I glaze and fire to say 08 will the glaze begin melt and be less likely to dust or flake off.  I would try but kind of in a rush 

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They would probably be okay, but any time you shut down a glaze before it's gone through its complete melting cycle there's a chance of something going wrong like crawling. It would also depend totally on the glaze formula as to just how much things would harden up at low temps. I would just carefully wrap them in something soft and pack them so they don't move and rub. If you're using brushing glazes they tend to be pretty durable before firing anyway.

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I can’t say with certainty about a pre-firing, but I have had many students over the years who accidentally glazed greenware with cone 6 glazes (Naughty! Weren’t paying attention!). I always run those through the regular  04 bisque first and haven’t had a problem. The bisqued glaze can vary from dry to satin, but it’s never soft and comes out fine in the final glaze fire. 

I’m not sure I would go through the trouble, especially if they’re brushing glazes. As @neilestrick said, those have gum that hardens the glaze on drying. On the other hand, I have a couple glazes that just getting into the kiln require great care, I can’t imagine transporting them. Carefully, gently, wrap in bubble wrap. More is better, the pots should be well cushioned and immobile. Bring some glaze and favorite brushes with you. 

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