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  1. Went back with Multimeter and discovered the fuses were not allowing current past. Luckily I had some on hand and have replaced them seems to be firing great so far. Thanks again for y'alls help.
  2. Ok Thank you both very much for taking the time to respond y’all have given me some things to check out tomorrow I recently replaced the small relays but I’ll check the large ones tomorrow thank you
  3. Hey everyone I hoping for some help troubleshooting an issue with my LNL da Vinci 3227 kiln it Is an older model kiln. I recently replaced elements created all new connections with power cords kiln fired great for both bisque and cone 5 firing. This week I went to fire and the top and bottom sections only went to 200° the middle section stayed around 100 I thought it could be thermal couples they looked spent so I replace them with all new connections. Turned on again today and same thing after an hour it’s not had a error code but is not following program. Just stalls around 200. I pressed 8 to watch kiln cycle on controls. top and bottom light turn on and off as cycling and middle light stays on kiln has a slight hum but doesn’t seem to heat. I am thinking it could be a poor connection from the control panel to the Kiln but not really sure hoping someone might have some experience or advice to help me better diagnose my problem. thank you jPeel
  4. Yeah they are like 15 dollars each Starts to get kind of steep on top of a new set of elements. I already had some bricks just sitting around so thinking about my options before I take it apart. You are probably right might have to just make more pots.
  5. Have a question about repairing brick on my older lnl DaVinci kiln. I have moved this kiln in hast a couple times now. I have broken a few brick cemented back together now my elements need changed was gonna go ahead and replace bricks. My question is I have some 3 inch brick and the bricks that need replaced have element holders still intact does any have experience cutting own channels for element holders. Tools or tips? Also lnl I am pretty sure uses a denser brick then standard k23 would it hold up? Thank you, JPeel
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