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Paint Type/Brand Over Fired Glazed Surface

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On a sculptural art piece, I'd like to partially cover the (gloss) glazed surface with a flat opaque white paint. Experience with oil or acrylic-based paint that could be successfully used for this? The sturdier the better. Would like to brush rather than spray. Thanks! 

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Covering glass/glaze can be challenging, testing recommended.
Priming may help.
Test how well the paint adheres to the test pieces (destructive test!).

The flat finishes are generally less durable, more prone to staining and scuffing.

We* used DuraPoxy on cabinets, strong stuff. In our own house we used a competitor's similar product, ProClassic.
They don't come in a flat finish, however, and don't brush particularly well. Try adding a shot of Flood Floetrol to improve brushability (of waterborne paint); it may help the paint smooth out as well (less brush marks).

*I was in the new and repaint trade for a long time - commercial and residential.

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for waterborne products
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Zinnser Bulls Eye 123 white primer did indeed work and seems to adhere well to gloss glaze. More of a satin rather than matte finish, but okay. Can always add a flat paint on top, or spray a clear matte.  Since it's sculpture, rather that utilitarian, i don't expect much wear and tear.

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Onto another sculpture project that uses a very specific color palate. I found (Behr) concrete 1-part epoxy paints that might do the trick (though they do suggests etching the surface to feel like 150 grit sandpaper before). Since the surfaces will not be walked over and remain indoors, I'm guessing it will be okay. Flat finish too (difficult to find w/ other epoxy paints). Assuming it's archival...will need to check their specs. I see there's also a Behr clear natural finish protector + waterproofer available, guaranteed for 10 years. Also a Behr low lustre sealer. Will report back on the results.

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