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Cone 5-6 re fire with salt or?

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I fired a load  of sprayed glazes and the coloring turned out beautifully, the problem is that I sprayed it too lightly and they are quite  dry to the touch, almost unpleasant.  Ideally I would want to get them re fired in a salt kiln. Problem is I don’t have access to a mid range salt kiln. 
does anybody have a salt mix recipe that might work in a mid range fire that I could spray on and fire mid range electric?  Or another proposed solution would be welcome. Thank you 

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Hi Rebekah!

I don't have a salt recipe* suggestion, however, for checking sprayed glaze thickness, I've used small squares of masking tape (turned forty-five degrees, a square is a "diamond"); once the glaze has dried, catch the edge/corner of the tape with a pin or somewhat, pull it off, voila! There's the buildup on the tape itself, and also the clean edge revealed by pulling the tape. From there, the diamond shaped bare clay can be left as an accent, or filled...

*salt, I would be hesitant to introduce any salt to my kiln.

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I have use Duncan Clear glaze many times to rescue a glaze that I put on too thin.   It fires from C04 to Cone5/6,  Duncan  has three  different types of this protective clear glaze.  The gallon I have is very old,  Duncan  only had one type of clear to select  from years ago.   You would have to do a little research to figure out which one would work the best on a salt glaze.  Denice

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