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Member Location formatting


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Tightening up on member location is a good idea, as some advice is location dependent.

Can you fix the glitch where the string "Location" and member location run together, rather than being blank-separated? As in LocationBishops Stortford, UK

Or if space is at a premium omit the word Location (iff one is given).

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@PeterH @Hulk

Work Around

     will insert the leading space.  


Location United States - Illinois ends up as: LocationUnited States - Illinois ...........with the leading space stripped.


 location  United States - Illinois ends up as:  Location United States - Illinois ........ and forces the leading space.

Edited by Bill Kielb
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19 minutes ago, Hulk said:

The colon alternative be grammatical tho'.


I like the colon fix actually best. Location should have an appended space or the location data should have a space inserted before the string actually so we are just creatively manually fixing the thing for now. If the character code fix is used, it works but when you go to re-edit it’s invisible. Pretty funny actually, it would be hard to recall what you did.

Edited by Bill Kielb
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