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  1. Might I suggest that all the posts left over from the moved topics in this section be deleted. If you go through the first few of pages you may be lucky enough to find a handful of topics that are pertinent. These leftover posts clog up the readability and after a week or so they are totally useless.
  2. @Kakes I haven't encountered any problems with the kiln in relation to firing acrylics. That said I do have a down draft vent on both my kilns.
  3. Most Excellent dirtball! Now ignore all the naysayers and go for it. You can do it!
  4. There are many variables to this answer. (^6) Many colors work and many colors don't. For instances Lamp black will burn out whereas Mars black will turn a dark Burnt Umber. Student grade Cobalt blue burns out but professional grade Cobalt blue retains its color. Most student grade colors will burn out but those with red oxide in their composition may work, at least for a shade of brown Professional grade reds, browns and many of the darker ochres work nicely. Yellow is iffy. Colors with red oxides and titanium are the key with what works and what doesn't For the
  5. @dirtball If you don't do it will you regret not trying? Limit your financial expose where you can. Maybe hold off on a new vehicle and look for a good used one. Do you have a garage that you can convert into a studio? Maybe rent some space if you don't. You mentioned retirement funds, does that mean you are retiring and will be able to collect Social Security and/or a pension? (nice to have a steady income flow) Or are you planing on raiding your retirement funds? (Bad Idea Don't Do It) Plan for the best and expect the worst. There are worse things than a failed
  6. Also consider that I spent a little over $500 on a canopy, banners, spandex table coverings and fliers. Yes it was a big success. It is/was my opinion that people just wanted to get out on a beautiful day and shop. In the town where the event was doesn't have mail delivery, everyone needs to go to the Post Office. They have a bulletin board there that was practically empty where I place my flier in a prominent place, which I beleive added to the success. Since my show there have been a few more pop-ups and a couple of food trucks (a first for our area). There are three pop-shows
  7. @oldlady Like Stephan I had a hard time finding your work. I'm guessing your initials are A.B.? If so then yes, your work is absolutely wonderful (a big air hug to you) Makes me think I should reevaluate my prices
  8. I have that slab roller. I washed the two rollers and it worked better. But those shims are little to be desired, they slip too. I took a sheet of MDF and cut a few shims to 16"x30". I then had a shop that builds furniture run them through a drum sander to different thicknesses. One shim per pass. Now the roller works! Do call Bailey's, I'd be interested to hear what they say .
  9. My show yesterday and it was a success, perfect weather and over 100 pots sold with a median price of a little over $20. A few times there were 5-6 people at one time holding pots waiting to pay me. Everyone was polite, excited, friendly and happy to get out and buy something. It was great. I had a sign saying "Masks Please", above that there was a graphic of a person wearing a mask and below the words "Thank You." We had decided not to confront people for not wearing a mask nor did we give them a discount for wearing one. Only one person didn't have one on even though we had ours. S
  10. I have both L&L and an Olympic kilns with the Genesis controller. And yes, both have a pre-programmed glass fusing program built in but the difference between a glass kiln and a ceramic kiln is the glass kiln has elements on the floor and lid whereas the ceramic kiln doesn't. That said I know someone that fuses glass in an ceramic kiln with success, the secret is in the programming. I purchased the Olympic for a specific task that fits my needs perfectly. 15" square shelf and 9" deep and I can fire 3 levels of pots at one time. I'm very pleased with it and wouldn't trade it in for an
  11. @oldlady Good advice all around. I did five shows last year and always had a friend help me, we always had supplies like coffee and such. She is the person that encouraged me to get started and to do this one-person pop-up show next month and is ecstatic and eager to help me again. @neilestrick Good idea @Mark C. I was thinking along the same idea. I have a tent that has a door flap that is held up by two poles. I'm considering installing two grommets in the canopy door and use those tent poles to do the same thing.
  12. I bought a used one from a person I know who said they only used it twice. Its not as good as the one Neil pointed out but it cost the same as renting so it was a no brainer. It has all the much standard stuff, along with 3 sides, and a 4th with a door that rolls up, I guess that not unusual. Like how else do you get in! An awning is a good idea, I'll look into that
  13. All good points Mark I decided to buy my own , 3 sides it is
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