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  1. As do I that's why I asked. I liked your idea of a 10% discount idea and thinking how I will deal with those wearing a chin guard. Maybe I'll post a sign reading "10% discount for those wearing a mask that covers their nose and mouth" We went to an outdoor wedding on July 4th and there were only the two of us out of 80 wearing a mask. We left within 15mins. Its not a political thing, its a smart thing at our age.
  2. Did you have to deal with people that wore masks as a chin or neck guard instead of covering their nose and mouth? If so how did you deal with it? Congrats!
  3. I was considering using plumber's putty to seal the lid. Its that gray stuff you see between an outside wall and around an outdoor faucet. Its waterproof and lasts for decades outdoors. If needed the lid can be lifted off without breaking the lid or jar. Best thing is its available at most big box hardware stores.
  4. I'm glad you pointed this out, I was just on my least favorite online store to get an idea of prices and they are about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the brand you recommend. I get the idea of "You Get What You Pay For." Is there really that big a difference? I can rent a 10x15 canopy and have it setup for around $100, I may go that route for now to see how the show goes. Which brings to mind, any suggestions on size when I'm ready to buy? Most shows I've seen looks like a 10x10 is most common.
  5. Thanks Min I know there are a million variables, but in your opinion 3lbs of clay for the base?
  6. People tried that, but the only thing you can sell is food and flowers. I'm not heartbroken over it, farmers markets are usually pretty boring and slow Sell coffee for 10¢ with a purchase of a ceramic mug. Or maybe even Iced Tea Good point Yes indeed.
  7. I have permission to use an area on a busy road with plenty of room for parking. I've had a sales tax license for thirty years. The fruit stand guy says he doesn't need a permit but I'll check with the zoning officer JIC. I'm going to get some banners made that reads "Pottery Sale This Weekend" and set them up on a Monday morning. I should check if I need a sign license as well. Go for it and let us know how it works out.
  8. If I may suggest, measure how many cups of rice fits into the urn. This way we can say something like "the volume needed equals 6 cups of rice" Unless you have a gaggle of kids who buys a 2kg (4.4lbs) of peanut butter? I buy a 16oz jar of crunchy peanut butter to make peanut butter fudge around the Holiday and the rest last me until the following year
  9. Inspired by local farm stands and flower tents I'm considering trying something like this. Has anyone tried this? I have a good location to setup and need to buy a pop-up canopy and thinking one or two weekends in the fall
  10. I considered going Kojak but I don't like lollipops so I gave up on that idea. I purchased a hair trimmer and luckily I only had to use it once before hairdressers and barbers where allowed to reopen for business
  11. Thank you Min, this is exactly what I thought might be the case. Since there isn't a Costco by me how big is that jar? That 1 cubic inch per pound of person as the online calculators report didn't make sense to me. It would mean a 600lb person would fit into a 600 cu/in container which I knew wasn't true Sounds like a good idea. How you apply the names and dates? Do you have any pictures to share? I had to look up columbarium, I should ask how they intend to deal with the urns.
  12. I've been asked to make a pair of matching urns for an elderly couple, they must have read my mind because they immediately mentioned that there wasn't a rush on these. I looked at a few online calculators to determine the size I would need and realized they where more geared towards selling you a larger urn. A 175lb 6' male will have the same skeletal cremains as a 250lb 6' male. That said it would be better to have a little extra room than not enough. So roughly is there a comfortable size I should strive to make and how would one measure the needed size taking into account 13% shrinking
  13. Lids on many kilns will show a gap between the lid and the body when being fired. This is all you may need, especially on a kiln this size. Try this first and see what how it works out. If this doesn't work then proceed by drilling one hole away from the thermocouple or sitter and do a smoke test which is similar to a match test. Also test the heat coming out of the vent, I like to do this before the fan. I like to see the temp around 120-130°F but do check your instructions in case it says something different.
  14. I have cart like that as well and thought it was way to flimsy to handle the weight. I know its rated for better than 400lb load but I just didn't trust it. Remember that 400lbs is divided between 2 shelves and there is no support under the top shelf. The one I posted has two channels under the top shelf to handle and distribute the load. Plus you want locking wheels and ones that run smooth too. I wouldn't do it. If you need to keep costs down @Magnolia Mud Research has a good option too.
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