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  1. In the past I used binder clips clipped to a custom made shim to hold the bottom sheet. Then I rolled the top sheet onto a PVC tube and let it slip out as I rolled the clay. It worked well but not 100% but it was just to fussy to have to deal with all the time. Slab Mats saved the day
  2. Appreciate the feedback I do start out with smooth sheets I even tried fresh butchers paper both wrinkle in bailey's mini slab roller
  3. Many states are offing 0% business loans, check with your state to see if you are eligible https://www.google.com/search?q=0%+loans+from+state+covid&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  4. I have a Bailey table top slab roller, the one with shims. I've used flour sack towels instead of canvas. The problem I had with towels was sometimes they would leave a crease making a wide section of the slab unusable. Slab mats eliminated that problem. I don't know if bed sheets would have cured that problem or if a slab roller with geared rollers would make a difference. I'm guessing you don't have a problem with creases using the sheets?
  5. I have a better idea, No Income Tax For The Full Year! Billionaires that pay no taxes won't get anything back while those that do pay will get back in proportion in what they paid in. Ok. both our ideas will never happen, but its fun to think about. FYI, Right now I'm at least 6 feet way from both my keyboard and monitor while typing this as I am social distancing myself to avoid getting or passing on the virus.
  6. Some states have ordered that accounting business are non-essential and to remain closed
  7. Sorry Min, with due respect you shouldn't assume what I see This video below is from The World Health Organization https://youtu.be/Ded_AxFfJoQ
  8. Regular masks may be effective if you are sneezing or coughing in order to prevent spreading Covid-19 to others
  9. There are N95 face masks and there are Surgical N95 face masks. Its surprising how often, and by who, the two are confused
  10. I read that John Travolta might have been infected with Covid-19 but it was only Saturday Night Fever and he's Staying Alive.
  11. I made hydrostone bats few years back. I drilled out the holes for the pins with a forstner bit big enough for pins with vinyl tubing to protect the plaster. I used silicone cake pans Wear a mask when drilling plaster
  12. Too many ideas... For now starting with line work for detail. I've used a ruling pen and that was ok, I like the idea of a bottle so I don't have to think about refilling the nib. Mostly Amaco's Velvets and some Mayco Stroke and Coats (I know its really a glaze) I've been airbrushing underglaze and found I have more trouble with covering underglaze that has been bisqued. It seems it wants to bead up, at least it smooths out in the firing.
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