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  1. I way simpler method would be to actually just type the colon " : Your Location"
  2. I made foot ring bat a few years ago using MDF. The plate was thrown and finished at 12" while still green. Its nearly impossible to get the plate off the bat without deforming it. I then made a smaller second bat that would fit inside the plate's rim so I can turn over the plate with it still on the foot ring bat. Not any better, still way to fussy. I now flip the plate (when stiffened, but still green) onto the smaller bat and attach foot ring(s). Way, way faster and so much easier to deal with.
  3. @Bill Kielb http://www.greatkilns.com/http-www-greatkilns-com-kiln-pottery-heat-treating-test-kilns-sq169he-html.html
  4. I meant to, I wish I did. Life got in the way.
  5. I'm going to add a wrinkle to this I was testing the resistance on my L&L E28 I figured while I was at it I would check my new Olympic SQ169. The factory spec resistance for elements should be 8 ohms. After only 10 or so firings the reading was 7.2 ohms
  6. As with all motors that have either belts or chains there should be a little slack. Unless specified by the manufacturer a little play of 1/2" is needed. Otherwise you run the risk of ruining the bearings and/or collars. You can test this play by moving the chain up and down and eye balling the distance it moves.
  7. I've been meaning to report back on this. I dropped the middle hold and added the time to the last hold and there were a few pinholes that didn't heal. Plus while the glaze looked good it was definitely different
  8. This person services over 200 restaurants with his ^6 stoneware https://www.facebook.com/eater/videos/832859020809131/ Mods: I don't know how to post a clickable video if you can fix this it would be great. edit by Min: same video, different source. To post a video right click on the video you want to post and select "copy video URL” then click on your post where you want to add it. Default is to have the video show up but it can be posted as a link also. I posted the YouTube version because I don't know if the book of faces on you linked would be accessible to people who don't
  9. Yes, It seems I can't tell my left from my right let alone how to read an analog clock. Directions are fixed above.
  10. Years back I had one of these and as luck has it I found the images I used to sell it on Craig's list. Ignore the the decal markings on your kiln and take a look at the image. If you look closely you will see some pencil marks and notice the top decal markings is slightly different than the bottom markings Bisque firing (^04) 1) Set your dial to 9:00 (Low) for one hour 2) Then set your dial to around 5:30 (Med) for 2 hours 3) Next set your dial to around 2:00 (High) until the sitter drops Glaze firing (^6) 1) Set your dial to 9:00 (Low) for one hour 2) Then set your d
  11. Interesting... I'm going to give it a try. Thanks
  12. My schedule is the same but I add another drop to 1900F and hold there for 15 minutes. I've found that when I fire Standards 112 this way my pin hole problem goes away.
  13. I'll be opening a kiln load of bisque today that will take 3 glaze firings to complete, all pots are for orders I have received since my last Pop-up sale. I accept checks and deposit them on the spot with a mobile app from my bank
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