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Keeping different clays separated

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I'm certain I'm not the first to ask this, but can't find any posts on it... Feel free to link me to the right thread....

I just got a dark clay and am also using a white clay. How do you organize your clays/throwing days to keep them and their dust/sediment/recycling separate?


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I tried for a bit, but I noticed that my white stoneware and porcelains look good when thrown with the same slip and water I use for my red stoneware.  It's only enough to give it a slight funk, but i think it looks real nice.  

For wedging I use a 2x2 sheet of Baltic birch plywood and I would keep one side for red and one side for white, and just flip it on my wedging table.  Now I don't even bother with that.

Here's an example of porcelain thrown with a little red stoneware throwing water.  There was enough iron in the surface to overcome the very light copper coloration in the glaze.


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Interesting on th' colour mix Liamb!

How thorough the clean has been dependent on how much colour change, most thorough on change to white and after black; hence, the white and black - also red - runs are longest. I've separate wedging boards for white, red, buff-ish, black. 

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Very hard always s pollution...esp from under wheel head when you think you have it all.

Suggest a long run of one then with separate boards buckets sponges bats and scrupulous wheel head and splash pan clean...even then.

Or do a middle run of pots where you dont cate.......until you get the "pure".

Mark's way the only way for sure.

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