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Do any one know Yohem Tenmoku bowls Galze Technique and Recipe?

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1 hour ago, liambesaw said:

John Britt has said before that the modern version is an oilspot of some kind.  The original three bowls no one knows for sure. A high magnetite clay and clay body is what they've deduced after studying them.


who is the "they" that studied these bowls?   There is more happening than just iron crystallization. 


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Hulk you are correct, startup, wait till vac pumps down to at least  10^-4 torr (about 1 hr).  I have not yet imaged ceramic samples but I have a  diamond chop saw  and gold /carbon sputter coater which should do the trick.  I do not have polishing supplies yet, maybe rough images will suffice for the users on this forum.   But polishing discs are cheap, and it is necessary for quantitative elemental analysis.   I am 2.5 hrs from los osos....nice spot.

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