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  1. Hulk you are correct, startup, wait till vac pumps down to at least 10^-4 torr (about 1 hr). I have not yet imaged ceramic samples but I have a diamond chop saw and gold /carbon sputter coater which should do the trick. I do not have polishing supplies yet, maybe rough images will suffice for the users on this forum. But polishing discs are cheap, and it is necessary for quantitative elemental analysis. I am 2.5 hrs from los osos....nice spot.
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    if you are using a USB camera, download and install Picolay. This allows you to stack multiple "slices" of focus into one picture giving you a larger depth of field. For example in this picture you would continue adjusting focus, snap a pic, focus more snap a pic, until you had say 5-10 pictures, then let picolay stack them into one. This way you would have an image with the front green arrow and the white arrow in the back both in focus. Hope this helps.
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