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I'm wanting to get input on naming my paint-it-yourself pottery business. Giving a name, or list of names, is all I'm asking. I don't want commentary on what products to use or items to carry in the studio. No politics. I'm just hoping to get creativity going. 

I live in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City. Also Armour Hills. My name is Sadie and my daughter thought of Sadie's Ceramics, which I don't like.

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What's your daughter's name?         :o

Brookside Ceramic

Brave Ceramic

Chief Ceramic

Chiefly Ceramic

   (me be eschewin' any plularity of ceramic!)


        You Can Ceramic

Plain Ceramic

Jazz Ceramic


What distinguishes your business from the others? What is  core; what are you providing to your customer? ...don' be inna hurry, it'll come to you.

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What's not to like about Sadie's Ceramics?

Sadie's Ceramics has a really nice vibe to it, in my opinion--it sounds "cheerful", which is appropriate for that type of business.  

"Paint it yourself" is not the kind of activity that benefits from a neutral-sounding business name (i.e. Brookside Ceramics) or anything too serious or bland in tone.  You are  not looking to attract ceramicists who want to learn wheel work or sculpture or hand-building, and presumably you are seeking to attract people who want to have a good time and feel satisfied with what they make in your shop. If it is primarily kid-focused, I'd go with something light weight; if you are serving adults or a mix of adults and younger customers, I'd aim for a mid-tone that would appeal to a broader group,  while still not sounding too-too "business-like" or lacking any flair or engaging vibe. 

Additionally, the name should simultaneously fit in with the neighborhood location, while being unique enough to be visible and stand out from surrounding shops and their signage. 

I see you used Sadie's Ceramics for your member name, and it begs the question again--what's wrong with that? It's clear, simple, and friendly...and it conveys "ownership", in the sense of being invested in your own enterprise, recognizable by your name (identity), in your community.  Best wishes-should be quite an adventure! 

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YYC is the airport code for Calgary, so I might not go for that one. Any web search terms are going to hit a city entirely too far away to do much good!


I actually agree that Sadie’s Ceramics isn’t the best option, because the name is about you, not about your clients or the activities they’ll be doing. My personal view is that if you’re providing a product or service, it should be about *serving* your customers, and having the entire experience be about them. My inclination would be to find a name that evokes an image of what you want your customers to experience. 

So at that point, the question becomes who is your target market? A place that caters to kids (birthday parties, summer camp activities, homeschoolers needing art components) is going to have a different vibe than a place who’s main focus is adults who want things like date nights, paint and sip events, brides wanting to customize their wedding party gifts, etc. 

I’d have a look at your business model, and choose a name that speaks to the customers you are planning to attract. 

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I think you should have a name that draws the type of clients you are wanting.   If Girl Scout and church groups are your target you should come up with something like TON OF FUN PAINT YOUR OWN.   If you are going for the crowd that drink while they  paint  pottery when they get off of work something like  UNWIND AND DESIGN.  Then you can have a sub title describing what to expect,  something as simple as Pottery Painting.   At first glance someone might think that Sadie's Ceramics is a store where you shop for ceramic gifts.  Denice

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I want to say that I think Lee had a good point about having a fun name, though. Whatever you choose, I'm a believer that fun should always be part of clay!

I think that if you're making your own things, and marketing the results of your own unique talents and skill set, naming your business after yourself is a sound move, and very advisable. Since you're providing a service, it makes more sense for the name to be a descriptor.

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I offer "Glaze Craze."  The term "paint" your own pottery has always annoyed me -- I think most people are aware that pottery is generally glazed, not painted (even if you brush on the glaze, that's still not painting -- it's glazing).  (Of course you can paint pottery, but few of us do, and you wouldn't then expect it to be functional.)

I will add that those of us here know that "crazing" is a bad thing, but I don't think the general public will make that connection...

Good luck!

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12 hours ago, algebraist said:

I will add that those of us here know that "crazing" is a bad thing, but I don't think the general public will make that connection

I think that educating others in various aspects of ceramics is something we "should" do when the opportunity arises. So in that vein, I honestly have to say I wouldn't use the word "Craze", which is usually undesirable as a glaze flaw,  as a main element for a ceramics business name.  "Paint your own"  also makes me grit my teeth...people then learn to use the wrong term for a specific process using specific materials, which just perpetuates misinformation about ceramics.  I am not wanting to sound critical--just raising some points for consideration for something as important as a business name and an activity for the public involving clay and glaze. 

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Most of the paint your own pottery places around here are just names like "five line pottery" and stuff like that.  They do really well, but they also are potters and do shows, so they're constantly out there advertising their paint your own pottery business as well.  I see their offers on Groupon all the time so I bet that brings in a lot of customers too.  

Just a thought

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