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Two full dip glaze application

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Hello fellow potters!

I am a new to pottery (almost two years) and wanted to know if someone know the best method for applying two full dips of glaze to a pot. What I have tried:

1) Dunk the entire pot in glaze for first dip and once dried, dip the entire pot in the glaze for the second dip.

2) Dunk the entire pot in glaze for first dip and once dried, pour glaze to the inside (then pour out) and then dip 3/4 of the pot into the glaze bucket to apply the second layer of glaze to the outside.

Some problems I have noticed is that the glaze becomes unattached (bubbles form) once the second coat is applied.  Any tips?

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Timing on the dip length of time in the glaze is important. I usually use a 1. 2. 3 count to keep the glaze from being too thick. Many beginners think that dipping and leaving the pot submerged is the answer-NOT!. At the same time, washing the pot with a damp sponge before hand is important to cut the absorbency of the glaze. Double dipping is a very tricky task unless the thickness of the glazes, the length of dip count, and the pot absorption is perfect.




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I glaze all my interiors 1st-let them dry

I do a lot of lip dips over another glaze-I have a lot of pots to glaze and do not have the time or space to wait a day-and there is no need to.

I dip the 1st dip and usually dip the next lip dip (not the whole pot) into that glaze right away . If I let the 1st one dry then it allows for to much glaze to stick and can peel or crack off. If you dip the second coat when the first is still wet it sticks well.

Some of my glazes do matter when they get the second dip others do not. Meaning some will flake if the 1st is dry some will not.I know this from experience.

I also use a glaze as an underglaze eother by lip diping or brushing designs then overdipping the solid glaze everywhere.Its the same deal as the double dip.

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