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brushing and dipping

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Amaco promotes the layering of many of their glazes with a variety of outcomes. I have been using their Potters Choice line with great success for a number of years now (see the latest addition to my album). All of the work that I do is brushing which can be very tedious and I have considered the dipping then brushing aspect because much of my work is a variable second color over a solid first color. I don't see any reason why you couldn't brush a second or third glaze over a dipped first color and would suggest that you do a few tests to find out what happens... some small bowls or even broken pots would give you a better idea of the glaze fx than test tiles.


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Glazes that are mixed from dry materials are not very durable for brushing on top of. Brushing glazes have binders and hardeners that not only make them flow better with a brush, but hardens the surface so it can be brushed over with another layer. Dipping glazes are quite soft and fragile by comparison, especially those that are lower in clay content. You may find that brushing on top of a dipping glaze just ruins the dipped layer. If your dipped layer is a commercial glaze that was purchased as a wet glaze, then it is most likely a brushing mix, even though you dipped it, and it will be fine for brushing over.

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As Neil has said, wet commercial glazes are made for brushing unless you are buying from a glaze formulator you have contracted for a glaze formula you have. Amaco being a commercial manufacturer tries to make all of their glazes in a series compatible with one another. I have had problems dipping Amaco straight from the container so would water them to a chocolate milk consistency. Then I would apply any brushed areas overtop with the straight from the jar glazes.




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