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  1. I have read that you can apply hair spray to the fired glaze to help the new glaze stick until it is fired . Is that a myth or does it work?
  2. I glazed a platter with Amaco Jade Celadon dipping glaze and fired it to ^6. It has a wide rim and I smugged the glaze, now I have a finger mark there. Can I re - glaze the rim with another glaze color, maybe something that will flow and then re - fire again to ^6. Also I would like to thank everyone for their prompt help with my other questions.
  3. A correction, they are Amaco Glazes not amazon. Sorry I have Amazon on the brain.
  4. Can I use a brushing glaze over a dipping glaze , both are Amazon glazes?
  5. Thanks for everyones input . I choose to call it a tumbler.
  6. I would like to know what the procedure is for adding a handle to bone dry stoneware. I hope someone can help me out if it can be done. Thank you, Wayne H.
  7. Mark, thank you for your very quick reply. I will give Pure lube a try.
  8. what can I use for a release agent to free my templates from the clay. They are rubber and plastic sheets. Also can I reuse the clay with the release agent on it, ( re- wedge it into my other clay. ) ?
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