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Worldwide practical pottery courses?

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I've been considering to do a full time course here in the UK which is a very practical and skills-based course, it's a BA course but of course  there would be students with different levels of ability.  I was just thinking that (as I'd be paying for it) there might be alternative courses in other parts of the world (US, NZ, AUS, Europe?) to compare and consider.  I'd really appreciate any suggestions.  Another option might be some sort of internship with a pottery? The thing is, I want to be developing my own work (not wedging someone else's clay!)

The main criteria, I think...

1. top, top, experienced potters/ceramicists tutors who really know their craft (including the course leader)

2. range of skilled visiting potters

3. challenging syllabus that allows the student to invent / develop their own style of work

3. chance to experience of different firing techniques

4. students would have access to their own wheel/equipment whenever needed

5. ideally a qualification at the end of it

6. any length, from one term to two years or even more

7. easy/reasonable costs to live nearby

8. other students around to give some sort of social aspect (ie not studying by oneself all the time)

9. course accepts of mature students

Really appreciate any ideas/feedback :)

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Here is the opinion of one source of rankings for the United States: https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-fine-arts-schools/ceramics-rankings

This source uses points in areas that are not always relevant to people considering schools. You may not care about the publication records of faculty, for example. These rankings do not include the cost of living nearby.

These are MFA programs, so people attending these would already have a first degree, not necessarily in art.

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My alma mater is  Virginia Commonwealth Universty's School of the Arts: Dept. of Crafts and Materials             No. 9, No. 9, no. 9.     

I've gotten so much mileage out of my degree (the training embodied within) that even though it was a hard row to hoe (personal circumstances), I am forever blessed by the quality and dedication of the instructors, as well as the exposure to the state-of-the-art of the arts, at the time. Like when Christo came, and the hand building workshop with Steve Reynolds, an evening with Twyla Thwarp, another with Phillip Glass, and that fool Andy W.

Just FYI, Richmond (and the greater area) is quite affordable if you know where to look. It's a great easy-to-take city, and offers easy access to all sorts of cool places.  The University delivers high-quality bang-for-the buck re: tuition cost, and a degree from VCU readily translates to  decent job opportunities.  The art community is deeply rooted and many local artists in all disciplines (traditional, historic, contemporary, experimental-you name it) are known internationally. 

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richmond is also only a couple of hours from many places to have fun, the ocean either north or south is only an hour east.  there is actual train service to new york or miami.   it is right on the major highway running north and south all along the east coast.

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