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PKQotW #42

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Week 42


    1. The preferable method of casting a catenary arch kiln is to use the casting material on the:

      1. Outside of the form upside down.

      2. on the outside of the form right side up.

      3. on the inside of the form right side up.

      4. on the inside of the form upside down.

    2. The project casting in the book used a mix that was:

      1. hand mixed sand, vermiculite, clay and concrete

      2. hand mixed commercial Vari-Form B

      3. commercial Carborundum's LDS Moldable

      4. hand mixed sawdust, pea grog, clay, and cement

    3. Three things can be done to improve the strength and working properties of the casting mix: application of a heavy coating of ceramic-fiber liquid cement upon the interior surface of the cured casting; embedding lath wire one inch into the center of the tamping mix during application onto the arch form; and the use of_________________ instead of water.

      1. 50/50 water and dish detergent

      2. 50/50 sodium silicate and water

      3. colloidal-silica liquid

      4. mortar set liquid

    4. The ______________ brick is the load-bearing brick which takes the thrust from the completed arch.

      1. Keystone

      2. channel

      3. arch

      4. skew



This weeks Pottery Quiz of the Week questions come from: Kiln Building with Spage-Age Materials, Frank A. Colson, c. 1975, Van Norstrand Reinhold Company, New York,NY


Note from Pres: Always interested in kilns and firing, this book seemed appropriate for the Space Age, and from an energy-efficient standpoint. After all, we were having problems with petroleum fuels at the time, and many were changing over to electric, or insulating their kilns more for greater efficiency.

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This is just a guess as I do not have the book or know the project and am supposed to be on salt kiln vacation . Going swimming today for sure.2 days left-Going now to unload slat fire.-Hey Pres you could do a quiz on my salt conversion kiln

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Tough one for all the kiln builders and the wanna bees! I know that I would have had to think long and hard before answering some. First question takes a lot of visual geometry; Second takes knowing the timeline of fiber casting materials development, as this book was written early;Third one is fogged with a bunch of made up false answers, and the last requires only knowing the shape of the brick that the weight of the arch starts on.





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