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Have you seen these NHK sponsored video series on Youtube?!

Both braincandy and educational, I can't stop watching them. I've spam-watched maybe a dozen of the pottery videos and other things like kimono dyeing and lacquering wood and on and on. Stumbled across this stuff by accident yesterday and they're just awesome to put it mildly. Love of the Arts is just a whole different animal in Japan.




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Guest JBaymore

NHK has great programming.  Watch it all the time in Japan.


Japan is aware of its cultural and artistic heritage... and keeps it alive.





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Good find


I've watched NHK here in the states, mostly cooking shows. I just searched their site and found a couple of ceramic shows and there will be a live show in a couple of day on Design.  https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/designtalksplus/201706010600/


This looks like an interesting show about restoring ancient heirlooms (araiya)



Its also interesting to see their view on our politics


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I can't wait for cable to be single channel. So that I can just buy individual channels. That day is coming!


Its here, its called streaming over the internet. Many channels are free some like HBO charge a fee through Amazon. If you have a Smart TV. or a Ruko you're all set. I think AppleTV does the same but there isn't as many channels available from what I hear.

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