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Relay / Magnetic Contactor Question


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I bought an old and battered top loader kiln some time ago. Today i bisqued a few things to try it out, and got a loud rattling buzzing noise (the noise is extremely annoying, kind of like an old digital alarm-clock) every time the kiln was in active mode (i ran it on 50%, apparently that means that it is heating in intervals - turning on and off every 5-6 seconds). Besides that, it worked a treat.


I went to this forum, to look up the cause for the noise. Apparently, it is the relay that is getting worn out. I then opened up the back of the kiln, in search of the relay, but found a "magnetic contactor" instead. I then looked up the difference between a relay and a magnetic contactor. Seems its kind of the same thing, only the contactor is for more power.


Now for the question - where to find a new magnetic contactor to replace the old noisy one? Is it possible to replace it with one of a different brand, and what to look for to get one that is compatible?


The Kiln maker seems to be long gone, and a search for the contactor yielded nothing. 


magnetic contactor specs


kiln specs







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I think PeterH has it right. Check the bottom of you second photo, where it lists the manufacturer of your kiln as Kilns and Furnaces Ltd. since they appear to be in business, they would be able to give you any specifics for that particular kiln.


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