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  1. FYI, that sprayer is currently on sale for $8.99, expires today 8-21-16
  2. It would depend on your source of compressed air. Most compressors are adjustable and have their own regulator.
  3. I have the Harbor Freight gun. It works fine. It adjusts the spray fan direction (horizontal to vertical) the spread of the fan and the amount of glaze that comes out. I have been quite happy with it. I have other sprayers purchased from ceramic supply companies but find this one to be better. You can buy a stand for it as well as spare containers.
  4. I learned to throw on an old ring cone style Shimpo, but it wasn't as old as the poppet model ones. They were reliable but when they aged needed some new rubber parts (if I remember correctly-we are talking 30 years). I would want to be sure that you can get parts. Unless it's a steal I would keep looking.
  5. I had a similar problem and found that purchasing new bat pins in a metric size (sold at Lowes) were a tad large and worked just fine. If you don't want to switch the pins back and forth based on which bats you are using, the clay trick usually works fine.
  6. I'll tell you what I would be looking at. Does the wheel have a nice range of speeds? Does it rotate at a steady not jerky rate? Can you slow it to a crawl and it stays constant? Does it stop when you want to? Also when it's turning put your hands on the wheel head and apply resistance, If you stop or slow it without a great deal of force, that could signal transmission, motor, belt or some other kind of problem. It could be minor or major and would take some further examination. Another consideration is the availability of parts.
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