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  1. I would not call that a small tabletop extruder, it looks pretty industrial. I haven't stumbled upon anything like it in the market, except for the little fiddly things that are sold on Amazon and Wish for extruding sugar paste and Fimo clay. I just bought a level-type extruder. I find it quite easy to use - it's mounted on a wooden support beam - no trouble. /Sofus
  2. I regularly use a homemade rolling pin when i need to roll out large slaps. It's made out of a long piece of pvc pipe, filled with (casting)concrete. It's sturdy, heavy and dirt cheap to make - all things i find nice for a rolling pin. One needs to be carefull when rolling in from the edge of the slab, as the rolling pin has a tendency to pick up the clay as it's not porous. For smaller slabs, i make do with a solid beech wood rooling pin. It's Italian, and I think it's ment for rolling out pasta. But i like the heaviness of the pvc rolling pin better. /Sofus
  3. Have a look at Strontium Crystal Magic and Jens Juicy Fruit. I use them for layering, primarily because they introduce a certain degree of flow in otherwise stable glazes. They are both good at cone 6. /Sofus
  4. Fill a pvc tube with concrete and use it as a roller. It will be sturdy and heavy, and you can scale it to your needs. I think the real challenge will be to combine the slabs to make the pot. Slabs tend to be harder to handle as they get bigger, so very large slabs = very hard to handle. /Sofus
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