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  1. forgot how finicky porcelin can be.........

  2. I've been sick for a week and I'm missing clay.

  3. forgot how finicky porcelin can be.........

  4. Hillbilly hosed off my clay clothes outside while pinned to my chain link fence today. I'm sure the neighbors were impressed.

  5. Finished another glaze Friday-now firing my 3rd glaze kiln load of this year

  6. Really dodged a bullet on this latest glaze firing...whatever low fire glaze that was accidentally included was on the interior/rim of a bowl and did little harm (except for a few not-so-interesting drips). Whew!!

  7. That moment when the cone 10 glaze firing is well underway, you are cleaning up the glazing table, and suddenly there is an out-of-place container of low-fire glaze sitting in front of you...

  8. A couple of yahoos were racing on the highway at 2:30am, crashed, and knocked out the power in three small towns. My Fred was firing when the power was cut, hnnngh... He got back online, though. :)

  9. Back to work just turned off 1st bisque kiln of the season

  10. Back to work just turned off 1st bisque kiln of the season

  11. 100 online here now ... All trying to escape football?

  12. 100 online here now ... All trying to escape football?

  13. Glazing. Its what happens to people who enjoy making things but then can't always decide what those things should look like once fired :)

  14. I have been on the forum for roughly a month now. I must say it is an honor to see the works of so many talented and gifted people. The willingness to share knowledge and information is also commendable. Just thought it needed to be said.

  15. Love this kind of phone call: "You remember that big mixing bowl you made last year with the texture on it? I want one." *headspin*

  16. I think I could make mugs for the rest of my life and be happy never making another kind of pot.

  17. Finished digging the studio out from the snow yesterday, resuming clay operations today!

  18. Gallery orders came in yesterday and I'm digging out the stuff. It's rained over 2 inches in last 25 hours

  19. argh! the stock markets! enough already.

  20. I'm taking a day off. For excitement, I may sit at a window and just watch the rain...(do I know how to have a good time, or what?!)

  21. Wet sponged all shelves and ware boards in studio now yesterday. Slowly cleaning the studio up

  22. Shop floor mopped, clay trim reclaimed, wheel head refinished. Clay order on the way. No better way to get re-energized than to re-tool the shop.

  23. Picked up my compressor and sprayers today. Going to hook it all up tomorrow and start practicing. Really excited about the ability to control my glaze application a lot more than dipping and brushing.

  24. Did my first glaze firing in my new L&L kiln on Christmas Eve. Turned out very well.

  25. Last day of retail today close at 4 pm and pack up booth and display . Only have 3 packages to ship after Xmas then 2015 is over clay wise

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