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  1. yep, letting it dry on the plaster wall creates a "piece" which somehow wont blend with the 2nd layer of slip i pour in. This creates like a line between the 2 layers
  2. I am using a 1-piece mold, painting is abit difficult to do. So if i understand correctly, it is to make the marble first and then pour onto the greenware? If i let it dry, it will cause crack, as if theres 2 layers of clay
  3. on the 2nd picture i think, theres a small little red dot which is the red slip and the pale pink which is the pink slip and the slip is greyish when wet and becomes white when bone dry
  4. Hello everyone! A question & issue: made my own plaster mold and tried marble slipcasting, but, when i tried the marbling technique, the marbling seems to disappear after i poured white slip in. I tried to trim the slipcast pot but the marbling is gone... did the colored slip blend into the white slip? What i am trying to achieve here is to have the base white, mid section to have the marbling and then the top to be white. What i did: Poured white slip at base, create a layer of white base, pour out white slip poured in colored slip (pin
  5. Thank you all, it helped me and the model i am choosing will be probably Nabertherm. The aurora elements shows error 1 after 2 years of usage which is a short life span. Therefore I am switching over to Nabertherm for that intent... Hopefully I will be able to master to controls for the Nabertherm
  6. Hello, I am currently using potterycrafts 40lt aurora kiln and i would like to upgrade but I found there are no reviews for the respective kilns. Comparing both brands for the 60lt, could anyone provide a brief review on which one is better? Thank you.
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