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    Gabby got a reaction from Marcia Selsor in What’s on your workbench?   
    The image is splendid. I adore pigs. (Except in my case, because I adore pigs, I wouldn't want the words).
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    Gabby reacted to Denice in ever have a UREKA! moment with equipment?   
    I was making coiled jars and was having a hard time smoothing the last third of the jar on the inside.   I was shopping at one of my favorite stores and found some small silicone spatula's and spoons on the clearance table.  They had a lot of different shapes and curves, at only a dollar I bought one of each style.   I tried them immediately and they could smooth areas that I couldn't reach with my big hands.  They were so small I can't imagine them being used in a kitchen,  maybe a childs play kitchen.    Denice
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    Gabby reacted to oldlady in ever have a UREKA! moment with equipment?   
    i spray my glazes.   therefore, i use a compressor.   therefore, i need an air hose from the compressor to the spraygun.    i have been spraying for years and all that time i have been fighting with 60 feet of hose because that is the way it comes.   i hate those coiled ones so do not mention them.  
    recently, i needed something from Goodyear rubber.   i am lucky to have a huge facility nearby so i went in and watched a man putting hose ends on several pieces for the customer in front of me.   easy work.
    today, after fighting the 60 foot hose again, i remembered what i saw and called to see if they could shorten my hose.    of course!    so, now i have 2 pieces of hose about 25 feet long and one piece with an air for the mower tires end on it.  ( probably would not need that one if i did not hit the corner of the stairway every time i mow the yard.)  best $20 investment i remember making.
    this might be a question of the week if pres likes it.
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    Gabby reacted to Callie Beller Diesel in Ethical Pottery   
    When I worked for a company that made all bespoke glass work, we would often spend a lot of time with each client being very clear what was and wasn’t possible with any processes involved in creating their piece. There was a lot of emphasis placed on the variable nature of certain handmade things, and that the outcome would be within a range of possibilities. In that particular setting, we could really upsell the fact that they were getting a truly unique piece that no one else would have because of that range.  If I have to remake a thing, I try and tell all my clients that they’ll get a sibling to the piece they’re replacing, but not an identical twin. A big part of my sales patter in my booth is about the subtle differences between items, and how the customer gets to own a unique piece that shows off their own taste when incorporated into their home. 
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    Gabby reacted to Mark C. in Ethical Pottery   
    Well this story had a bit more to it it turns out.
    She got the new stuff and at first was not happy with the plates as they where not the exact same color as 1st set.(theyt where better by far I thought but hey what do I know?)) In my reduction cone 11 world colors always look a bit different  every fire. Thats the beauty of it really for me. She on the other hand did not understand this even though she has over 30 pieces that all look a bit different but match in a blending way collected over 20 years. She though maybe if she paid more I could get an exact match. Anyway after a few cordial e-mails she now gets that money will not help the varibility of my glazes in reduction. No matter how much it could cost.Now after a few days shes loves them.
    I on the other hand am moving on and making sure all dinnerware customers always know this as I have always told them but they still do not get it at times.I need to maybe say it three times now.
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    Gabby reacted to liambesaw in What’s on your workbench?   
    Well I only finished 15 bowls, but I got distracted.  A co-workers wife wanted to know if I could make a strawberry planter so I am giving it a shot.  I think I should have used more clay, I used 15lbs but it seems small to me, I'm gonna be throwing the bowls for the side tonight and attaching them and see how it goes.  Might be able to get some of that Microsoft money I've heard so much about around here! Hah
    I will say, I wouldn't have been able to do this on my old wheel, I had to stand up to pull on this one, it was 2 feet tall at one point!  Loving my new wheel

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    Gabby reacted to Denice in Are there clay sculptors here?   
    I think most potters have done sculptor,  I did portraiture sculpture for 10 years so I think we can answer any questions you might have.   I think it would be refreshing to answer sculpting questions.  Year or so ago we have a very talented sculptor on the forum  he made massive beautiful sculptures,  maybe he will start posting again.    Denice
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    Gabby reacted to glazenerd in Potter's Nod - What is it?   
    Well Pres: I talk to clay. I ask it questions. The really bad news: it usually answers. ( and I nod my head listening). 
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    Gabby reacted to Pres in Potter's Nod - What is it?   
    Never heard of nodding. Really strikes me as weird. . . .now, I talk to my pots, always have. .. . listen to the timbre of the echo feedback, certain tones seem to be right, without breaks in curve, lost pulls or poor thickness. Love when the pot is inflated to max and just about to collapse. Oh well, at least I am not a nodder. . .. .
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    Gabby reacted to LeeU in Bisque for Anagama Fire   
    Finally have my pieces ready for the April anagama firing (NHIA-Sharon, NH). I have a nice selection of glazes--a light gray celedon, a satin crackle, a tenmoku, two Shino's, and a white. Most pieces are "Z" a nice light groggy from Sheffield, and a few are Coleman porcelain.  I'll have to weed out the too small-too flat pieces and save them for some other opportunity, unless I can get them included as "filler" in this community fire.  I have limited shelf space, of course--the equivalent of about 24" x 12".  I'll get to see the Community Forum's old buddy John Baymore, which is always a treat! 

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    Gabby reacted to Mark C. in Crack in the bottom of a cone 10 fired bowl   
    You can fix it with a hammer-thats the best fix or if that seems severe you could plant cactus in it as the slow drain will work good with them.
    Next time compress the clay  in bottom  more when throwing  as thats 90% of most of these issues.
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    Gabby reacted to LeeU in Crack in the bottom of a cone 10 fired bowl   
    No way to fix it.
    If it's beloved, and I can't bring myself to trash a certain piece (which should be trashed--we have to be ruthless about these things, most of the time), I might have some fun and fill the crack with glitter epoxy or build up thick gold enamel (a riff on kintsugi) and just use it for popourrie or loose change and such. 
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    Gabby reacted to liambesaw in What’s on your workbench?   
    Round 1

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    Gabby got a reaction from Hulk in What’s on your workbench?   
    This  work is hard on a sad heart, but he knew it would be you doing this, ultimately, and likely found that thought a comfort.
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    Gabby got a reaction from glazenerd in What’s on your workbench?   
    This  work is hard on a sad heart, but he knew it would be you doing this, ultimately, and likely found that thought a comfort.
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    Gabby got a reaction from Rae Reich in Is this a stupid idea?   
    Is the existing toilet handmade? I would weigh the cost of your effort against the cost of a new toilet.
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    Gabby reacted to oldlady in Is this a stupid idea?   
    lbegley, if you are determined to do this, may i suggest that you buy a new toilet, keep the receipt, keep it in the box and see if your original one explodes.   if so, you have a replacement ready.
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    Gabby reacted to Mark C. in Ethical Pottery   
    Well I had a strange experience this past month-I took the high road
    Story started with a pottery order adding on to some 30 odd pieces ordered over the last 20 years. Customer wanted 8 more cereal/soup bowls a with lips and a 4 small miso size bowls straight lipped.
    During the photo exchange she mention her dinner plates wearing out, and asked if she could add a low fire glaze to them and fire them-that freaked me out-I said NO
    That did not sound right to me. I know my work does not wear out. It breaks yes but wear out??
    My plates have been in daily use since 1975-not worn out yet.
    Send photos I requested-time slides by. She is not photo savvy
    A few weeks and her nephew send a detail close up of worn spot in glaze. Looks very strange. I see some unusual crazing. I request her to send down the plates in question-she says she has a few-2-4 that are worn. 
    Now I should should add that I have had customers tell me some pretty crazy stories on pottery-like it turned colors or change shape-never Have I actually seen any of this as in a returned piece. I had a person tell me that my liner glaze stains but after she actually washed with a pad the tea stains came right off
    I told her that I would either refire them, if indeed she has worn the glaze down, or replace them if they had a problem that needed that-but mainly let me see them.
    I gave her a full page of packing lessons so I got them undamaged-I said that if I refired any they could die but most definitely would change color. I said If they died I would gladly make new ones at no cost. Standing tall here in the studio.
    I asked about any use that could damage them that she may have done with zero results . We talked about thermos shock- hot water dish washers where fine as was 200 degrees in oven with pancakes. She said that if they change colors she would want all 8 to be changes the same. I said send them all down two states away. I’ll pay for shipping both ways.
    Packing was too much and they took it to UPS store.
    The box came, about the size of a small compact car. OK I’m exaggerating Enough bubble wrap to wrap up a small town-really each plate was inside a plastic bag then small bubble warp then large bubble wrap-on each plate.
    They paid 30$ to send and another 20+ to pack it.
    Pots showed up   3 days later and after a few hours I had cut them loose, saving all packing materials to keep it from becoming an Alice’s Restaurant deal and to reuse them on return trip north.
    Inspecting the plates, they were all crazed badly -they felt wet. One of them had a very small high spot with the worn thru glaze spot. The rest where just crazed. From thermos shock. I asked her how these again where thermo shocked.
    Not a clue until I asked if she ever thawed things in a microwave on them-well yes for 20 years been heating cold or frozen things in center-Bing  Bing Bing uneven heating.
    I heat things like coffee in a mug in a microwave but nothing is good about thawing frozen foods even on these porcelain plates.
    I found the problem now what. I know that refiring plates is a bear and the loss rate is high.
    I put her set in our large commercial oven-slow at 200 for a night warming the next 25 hours to 500-I could tell these wares was soaked in meat juice Meanwhile started to throw replacement plates. After 1.5 days in oven then slow and cool to room temp. I knew these plates held the small % water that this body can hold if left unglazed as in the crazed glaze after 20 years.
    I ground the backs where they may run as refires will run more. -I heated the plates again and put a very thin glaze on top only wiping the backs clean.
    I loaded them in the middle of kiln and preheated slowly all night taking them up very slowly.
    Trimmed the new set and loaded a bisque with them in it. I made her bowls as well and biqued them. Took two day to cool the load.
    Well The color was fantastic-better than the original-zero crazing once again.
    Only had three with tiny lip cracks and all f had bloating-big ugly boils.
    Oh well move ahead I always say. Glazed up the next set of 8 with no spares (as this is not a stock color for me in flatware) and I want no extras-this means usually that some will fail and I held back two bisque blanks.
    Today that set came out-16 bowls-8 for her the rest for a gallery-the small bowls all perfect
    The plates where fantastic. I packed it all up today into that huge box. I gave her 60$ credit on shipping threw in a sponge holder . Along with a care note-no more microwaving and chalked this up to doing the right thing.  The boxed weighed 37# .I will get a few bucks back on the new bowls but I feel like I took one for the team.My team
    I know she will be happy-Her plates where gone less than 3 weeks
    In my life its not all about money and in this story that really rings true.
    The big question is did I learn anything-well yes -tell my customers not to thaw foods on my flatware -Thermo shock will cause death sometimes it a slow death.
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    Gabby reacted to Pres in Two full dip glaze application   
    Timing on the dip length of time in the glaze is important. I usually use a 1. 2. 3 count to keep the glaze from being too thick. Many beginners think that dipping and leaving the pot submerged is the answer-NOT!. At the same time, washing the pot with a damp sponge before hand is important to cut the absorbency of the glaze. Double dipping is a very tricky task unless the thickness of the glazes, the length of dip count, and the pot absorption is perfect.
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    Gabby reacted to London NW4 in Art Nouveau   
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    Gabby got a reaction from shawnhar in Broken pottery orders   
    This could well be completely random.
    You know how if you toss a fair coin one hundred or more times,  you will tend in there to get a string of heads or tails?  This could be like the string of tails.
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    Gabby reacted to Pres in QothW: how often do you introduce new forms, and does that change throughout your career   
    Callie Beller Diesel recently posted the following in the QotW pool: how often do you introduce new forms, and does that change throughout your career? 
    How many new designs do you come up with in a year, and what's that work cycle like?
    As a functional potter, of late, I have not come up with a whole lot of new designs. However, as a teacher 10 yrs ago, every month was a new piece, handbuilt or wheel thrown, or as a combination piece. Projects for students were often "tested" out by some sort of piece in the beginning. A theme like "crazy plumbing" or "crooked houses" for something like an extrusion piece would be planned out and assembled by me before ever introducing it to the kids. Then there was the demonstration piece, and when starting a demonstration, I usually would carry that to completion also. So every year there would be as many as 10 or 15 new forms. 
    When working in the studio, I am not as much concerned with new forms as refining or modifying existing forms. An example of this may be Berry bowls that came about as I found myself using a lot of fresh berries for dessert in the Summer, and decided to do a berry bowl with a shallow plate underneath for drainage of the rinse water. That ended up as a Christmas gift that year for some relatives, and then the following year for others. Teapots may be done with tilted galleries one year, and another with regular galleries, one year rounded forms, next wide kettle type forms. None of these are really new forms just morphs from previous thoughts and ideas.
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    Gabby reacted to Callie Beller Diesel in What’s on your workbench?   
    So I know this is my kitchen counter, but the light on my workbench turns most photos very yellow. This medicine set will be my own entry to the mug portion of the “Bonspiel: Canadians and Their Love of Winter Sport” show at NCECA this year. After some adventures I had with my kids and ear infections last month, I feel like avoiding illness is a winter sport!
    If you’re coming this year, check out the show. We’re on the Minneapolis Picks bus tour and shuttle route on Wednesday.

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    Gabby reacted to liambesaw in What’s on your workbench?   
    Did a glaze firing over the weekend, here's some of the doggie bowls and a few of the more interesting mugs.  Loving my new digital controller.

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    Gabby got a reaction from Hulk in Art Nouveau   
    I am the second least computer literate member here , so my suggestion may not be the most efficient.. You could send the photo to yourself, then download the photo to your computer, then post it on the forum.
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