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  1. I am so happy with my work! I never thought I would say that this early in my career. Although I am still testing new glazes and new techniques. The majority of my kiln loads are finally being made to sell. How cool is that! Toot Toot! 

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    2. Denice


      I am happy for you  also, I know you have been working towards this moment and all of your hard work paid off.  Denice

    3. Roberta12
    4. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      @Marcia Selsor I know! It is raining here and I was planning on spraying and cleaning up a bit. Instead I am just going to throw all day.

      @Denice Thanks!

      @Roberta12 umm, you can check my gallery or my instagram link in (profile.)

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