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  1. I have asthma and react badly to mold. I notice that clay mold doesn’t seem to affect me though except in one weird way. Recently I found mold in a bag I was reluctant to throw away, and did not want to rework it all with bleach or vinegar. I decided to wedge it up and use it anyway. I found that my hands itched as soon as I start wedging it! Gloves solved the problem and as I was making a large slab built piece, that was fine. The interesting bit is that I instantly know when a bit of that clay is amongst other reclaim - my palms itch. It must be a different strain because I have
  2. I am building up a new body of work, in the experimental stages!  I have been lurking here for many years, but only just set up a profile. Thank you all for the amazing content and hope to contribute more in the future. 

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