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  1. Hi! I own a brand new 818 kiln from Skutt which I fired about 10 times so far, bisque and glaze. It developed a long crack along the bottom. I'm aware that cracks in the brick are normal and eventually happen but do they usually show up so soon? I always place a bottom shelf on 1" posts. The crack itself not very wide but what worries me is that it goes from wall to wall. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone! I have seen some of you mentioning UPS or USPS discount. What do you actually mean? Do you have some kind of subscription with them? Do you automatically get a discount when shipping a big order? I've always wondered about shipping wholesale, and if there's some kind of discount on shipping, I would like to see how it works
  3. That’s a good question actually, I am making planters. And I will be using a glazed dish underneath, so I thought I didn’t really need to glaze the planter itself. Would you advise against it?
  4. Right, but I would only be putting bone dry pieces together, no glazed pieces.
  5. Yes, this would be going into my own kiln! Thank you for the answers
  6. Hi everyone! I was wondering if it was OK to single fire some cone 5 clay which is to be left unglazed ( it's underglazed with some Amaco Velvet). I've read in several places that you have to take caution when single firing glazed pieces, but if the pieces are not going to be glazed, does it make a difference? I would imagine it's fine because if I'm not glazing the piece, I don't see why I would need to bisque fire it first. However, there's maybe concerns of it being more prone to cracking when not bisque firing first? I just wanted to make sure it was OK! Thank you!
  7. I hadn't thought of that! Great idea, thanks! I will try it out!
  8. Hi! My question is a little bit different. I underglazed a greenware piece. The color looked fine after bisque firing but got really faded after cone 5 firing. So I was wondering, since there is no glaze on top of the underglaze, if it was possible to re-underglaze the fired piece and then refire it. Thanks for letting me know!
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