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  1. I'm trying out making darted cups. I like them alot, but I'm having a problem with the rim of the cup distorting when it dries. I'm using porcelain, paper clay, and stoneware clay. They all seem to distort in basically the same way. I'm drying them slowly: 24 hrs wrapped completely in plastic, and then 12-14 hrs with a loose cover of plastic. Any suggestions from you clay veterans out there?
  2. I'm trying to glaze a pitcher a dark glaze on the outside, which I will spray on, and then apply a lighter glaze on the inside. Is there a way to protect the dark outside glaze from drips of the inside glaze, which will be poured? Thanks for your help!
  3. i've been told to fire lids and bottoms together (nested), so they end up the same size. i'm having trouble with the lids sticking to the bottoms sometimes, and am wondering if there's a simple way to keep that from happening. (the two surfaces that nest are always glaze-free) thanks
  4. this may seem like a silly question, but is there a good way to make irregular bowls that turn out looking nice? all mine look like mistakes! thanks.
  5. thanks so much for all the replies and suggestions.
  6. does anyone have a tip for getting a clean edge when doing sgraffito? i've used every tool in the book, but am still getting a ragged edge. i need to work on bone dry clay (because the piece is large). i'm cutting thru 3 coats of terra sig. thanks for any suggestions.
  7. I've painted 5 coats of terra sig that's been lightly tinted with Spectrum stain onto a greenware porcelain pot. When I checked it this morning, the terra sig was flaking off. I've used this with other clays, and had no problem. I'm wondering if maybe I didn't let each coat dry thoroughly enough before adding the next coat, or could it be that the porcelain clay is too smooth? I'm new to porcelain, so don't know all it's quirks. Thanks for any suggestions.
  8. thanks so much for the wonderful input. really is appreciated. will try all of your suggestions.
  9. i'm letting the clay rest, sandwiched between wallboards (plaster covered sheets with heavy paper...used in building trades) for 2-3 hrs. then miter and score edges of seams, then use magic water for seal. using tubular form, but it's pretty flexible. piece is about 12" tall. i considered using balloon for support on inside of vase, but thought it might interfere with drying (and might also not be strong enough to keep clay from warping)
  10. hi - i'm new to slab work. does anyone have a trick for keeping a round vase (with two vertical seams) from warping itself out of round? i've covered it in plastic, and let it dry for many days, but no luck. any help is appreciated. (using porcelain clay)
  11. Can I use the glaze that I brush on (and pour) for spraying? Do I just need to thin it, or do I need a completely different glaze? Thanks
  12. Is dipping glaze thinner that brushing glaze? If so, why? Thanks.
  13. I'm new to terra sig, and would appreciate learning how to color a white or redart terra sig with mason stain to make a deep black. Just need to know proportions. Thanks.
  14. is there a way to keep from pushing the leather-hard pot out of round while carving the sgraffito pattern? does anyone slightly fire the pot before carving, or does that make the carving too difficult? thanks.
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