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Mystery Kiln model - Need to know to change elements... Help appreciated!

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Hello everyone!

I bought a small top loader kiln that runs of mains (13amp) and I now need to change the elements. I need to know the model and make in order to get the right wattage/amperage elements. If anyone can tell from the photo below please gimme a shout! 

It has a dawson LT-3 sitter if that's helpful. Can get more photos if helpful! Thanks in advance


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I'm fairly sure that it is a Cromartie kiln, which probably makes it one of the earlier Hobbytech 40's if it's rated for an ordinary 13 amp ring main.

The company does still exist, and can supply elements and give technical advice. Try here.

It would be worth sending them a few photos of the kiln, including any plates riveted to it, so they might identify it exactly (i.e. don't take my word as an absolute guide!).

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11 minutes ago, High Bridge Pottery said:

Does look like a Cromartie kiln but I have never seen one with a brick lid.

Yes, Cromartie certainly did use brick lids at one point - mine has a brick lid! But mine has three elements, in series, 6-ish ohms a piece.

The one I have is actually a really well built little kiln, fully encased in quality stainless. It's received so much abuse that it feels unkind, but it keeps on plugging along, mostly used for tests, or as a quick turnaround kiln.

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