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  1. I did find a manual that said it was a traction drive.
  2. Thanks for all the advise
  3. Looking for information on Shimpo 21.How old are they, drive system ect. There is one for sale local in BC Canada for $800.
  4. Thanks, was thinking I might try a ridiculous low offer and see what happens. Everyone wants a fortune for used wheels in BC. Might be worth a try as I am using an Estrin powered kick wheel now.
  5. Was wondering about this wheel, found one used here in BC Canada for $650. Would like a VL Whisper but they are over $2,000 here . What to look for in problems, are they worth buying?. Pros/Cons? Thanks.
  6. Would adding sodium silicate help any?
  7. Does your reclaimed clay tend to crack more. I seam to have more failures in the reclaimed clay. I am using plainsman m340 stoneware clay
  8. Mine did not have a foot, only a thicker layer of clay to get the inside shape. Next one I will trim a foot into the bottom.
  9. I will try to change my sinks to be more even.I cant make them flat bottom on the inside so I will start with trimming a foot for the above counter ones and place them in the center of the kiln. Would it be good to place them on clay rollers to help with creep as well as cooling the bottom?
  10. Yes the sink is thicker on the Bottom and gets progressively thinner to the top. So it make that much difference on the thickness?
  11. The kiln is a Skutt 1227 with 3" bricks and a kiln sitter. There was a circle of mugs around the sink so there was a lot of thermal mass available. I usually place a large object on the bottom because it is the only whole shelf. I have some whole shelves from a smaller kiln that I might use on top of a split shelf so the piece sits on a single shelf with no split in the center. My wife if now under glazing 2 replacement sinks today for a replacement, and will load higher in the kiln. Now of course both sinks will fire fine.
  12. The pieces have large cracks in them. Must be on the cool down as the cracks have sharp edges. The last piece as a sink about 12" diameter, also had 1 in the top of the kiln that was fine. Both are the same size with a hole in the center.
  13. It never fails that the custom order piece is the only one to break in the glaze fire. Why does the bottom shelf of the kiln has more pieces fail in the glaze fire than higher in the kiln? Might be that I place the larger piece on the whole shelf at the bottom. Could it be the bottom of the kiln is cooling to fast? Bottom shelf is 1" off the bottom, shut off the kiln vent about 1 hour after shutdown.
  14. Saw an add for the above machine for $750 cdn. Looking for input on this wheel if it is worth it or just go for a new machine. I currently use an Estrin, a motor driven kick wheel.
  15. I also have lots of night time traffic, wish the cat would get more of them.
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