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    Love our horses and it reflects in the pottery.
  1. I also have lots of night time traffic, wish the cat would get more of them.
  2. Cant see a mile here with all the smoke from the fires.
  3. Several people do not have vents on their kilns, went a year before I added a vent.
  4. My wheel had no pins so I drilled holes and placed in Allan head bolts with a nut on the bottom side. No need to make treads.
  5. Looking For Wheel Suggestions...

    Your wheel could probably be repaired. You could take it apart and order new bearings form a bearing shop or possibly from a good automotive parts store. If you take in the old bearings they can usually order in a set that will fit.
  6. Can always grind them flush with an angle head grinder.
  7. Home Made Sieve

    Pipe fittings work well. Made one out of 10" sewer pipe.
  8. Try to find the information plate and place a photo of that as well. It will have make, model and amps as well as other information.
  9. I Got My Brand New Kiln Controller!

    Just think of it as a test firing.
  10. Building A Hydraulic Extruder

    Buy the components. Electric motor, hydraulic cylinder , and hoses. Then build from there. This will give you a lot more options on speed and pressure.
  11. Small Sink

    This sink can be used for above or in counter.
  12. Small Sink

    I will be stripping our horse trailer with living quarters in the spring and rebuilding it after it gets well insulated so I built a new sink for the bathroom. First time building a sink. My wife does the artwork and painted the same horse on the inside and out. The plan for the sink is to be in counter but had so much interest in it that before glazing the outside was under glazed. Now if someone wants to buy it for above counter sink it will be good for that as well. (sorry intent is not posting here for sale just the reason for in and out glaze )
  13. With the temperature here at -26c or -14f the wood stove is on the top of the list 1- wood stove 2- kiln 3- old Estrin wheel 4- home built slab roller 5- wife - she does all the art work on the pottery.
  14. Thanks for posting the link ayjay. I had an old saw blade so I used that glued onto a bat.
  15. Pottery Display Rack

    Nice design Mark. Looks like a fast easy setup. Think I will have to build some by next summer. Faster setup than the booth I have now.