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Chilly, maybe your natural skin ph, balances out the alkalinity of the clay. But as some glazes are acidic, they react with your skin differently, causing the dryness.

For me, glazing dries my hands, mainly because I'm rinsing them often, so I don't get glaze prints on differently glazed portions of my wares.

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TJR, that is funny.  That soft clay is next to the truck stretcher back there in the warehouse!  


Seriously - slam wedging a little bit seems to wake my brick hard clay right up!!  Wakes my neighbors too if they're sleeping in late!

Before you open the new bag, you slam it on the floor on all four sides. Then you are good to go.I have to admit that my last 6 boxes of Lagune from the clay store were too soft. but I didn't complain. Made bowls.

Is the truck stretcher next to the paper stretcher?


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Guest JBaymore

We've been told (at the college) that Laguna is mixing clays softer deliberately.  Don't know if this is true or not.  We are considering changing suppliers if it is true.


Let's see......... selling water at $0.40 a pound.  At 8.34 pounds per gallon, that is a price of $3.34 per gallon.  You can buy pure drinkable bottled water at places for about $1.50 a gallon.  Our water supply from the town is fractional pennies per gallon.


Great deal..... add a pound of extra water per sale..... and make almost 40 cents extra.  Multiply that by the tonnage of clay sold per year... and that is a hefty hit to the bottom line... and without looking like you are raising prices to the consumer.





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Just keep wedging and build up the tiny muscles in your hands, not to mention your core muscles, hell even go for the one handed wedging, where is that video post of the guy working out to be a potter? 

Hangovers, yes I do get them, usually by hanging over my backbender after long uninterrupted throwing sessions, or during my yoga practice. Now I interrupt my throwing sessions, sitting at a desk, sorry wheel is bad for your health in all sorts of ways.

CHilly use gloves for glazing, not nice stuff there.

Joh , you're jsut too cynical, the company is only thinking of you and your body, want you to stay in the business.

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