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Studio flooring options for old pine floor

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Hello! I'm setting up a home studio in a room of our house that currently has soft pine floors. Some of the floor boards have larger gaps between the boards. Does anyone have any recommendations on possible floor mats or other kind of flooring I could lay on top of our wood floor to prevent water damage and facilitate cleaning/ mopping? I'd be using the space for wedging, throwing, trimming, glazing, etc. (Kiln will be in another space). Thanks!



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Good question!

If temporary, a large vinyl flooring remnant could be an option?
Where the edges are well away from the activity, a damp mop makes cleaning up easy.
If the edges turn up at the wall/baseboard (wall to wall!), then doing something at the door(s) to mitigate the tripping hazard remains.

If permanent, vinyl might still be an option, but putting something flat, dense, and smooth under is likely required.

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My studio is in an old barn so I had to deal with some pretty horrible wood floors. What I did was clean them best I could and replace any damaged sections, then I screwed plywood over the top of the old floor because it was terribly uneven with some gaps, cracks, etc. Then vinyl plank peel and stick flooring over that. Its waterproof and has been perfect.

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I would put some thick concrete backer board under your kiln and make  sure your kiln is on a stand.  If you need your kiln a little higher you could put it on some cinder blocks   My kilns are fairly close to sheet rock walls so I  covered the walls  with concrete board about eight feet high.  My floor is concrete so I don't have to worry about it,  I have a row of the gray exercising mats running around my main studio.   I have bad feet and can't stand on concrete  very long,  the mats are very comfortable.  They connect together,   I take them outside and spray them off with the hose,  let them dry and reconnect them as I relay them in the studio.  Denice

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