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Spraying glaze with iron spangles

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Hi all, 

I usually spray glazes on my peices so I have to water them down a little, I am trying out new recipes from the glaze book some that contain iron spangles and I’ve noticed that it all collects at the bottom of my containers and isn’t suspended in the water/ glaze mixture. I’m wondering if I should remove a majority of the water and I could suspend everything with either deflocculant or Epsom salts. Wanted to know if anybody has encountered this before, also I have different sizes nozzles from 0.6 - 1.2 I’m sure so that particles should pass through.


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Have done this with automotive metal flake back in the day and used a gun with a stirring blade inside. That was a reliable way to distribute and spray with the viscosity needed for an automotive finish. A zebra striped metal flake auto not so desireable. Your finishes can be more random so it might be possible to suspend and spray acceptably. I have not tried anything other than spraying glaze very evenly but think it’s worth a try.

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If all else fails MAGMA really should work to suspend iron spangles. I've noticed it can be listed as out of stock at Brackers quite often, if you decide to try it I would suggest emailing them and asking to let you know when it's back. It does thicken the glaze a fair bit and slows down the drying time so that needs to be taken into consideration.


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