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Suggestions for a Demo Camera?

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I have a HUGE TV in my classroom.  Think the size of a white board, 4' X 8'.  I want to purchase a camera that I can connect to the TV for when I do demonstrations so that My students in the back of the room can see all the details of my demo just like the kids in the front row.  Does anyone have a camera that they use in that way that they like?

Thanks in advance!

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I've found cell phone cameras (or at least the ones I've had access to) tend to distort the image if its not dead-on and centered - and maybe then as well.  I have a real digital camera with video capability (Pentax, Canons are probably easier to get accessories for) that I would use for something like that instead.

If you do go with a cell phone camera use it in landscape mode.  Portrait mode sux for video, its just tall and skinny and weird looking to me.

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+1 for the cell phone. It has the advantage of being probably already in your possession, and small tripods that are easy to position  are readily available online or at some mall kiosks. 

If you do elect to use a portrait orientation, a trick to avoid distortion is to hold it upside down. Most people will angle their cellphone forward when taking images, and we don’t notice any angle weirdness because that’s how we ourselves are viewing the world. When the angle goes the other way, the distortion is more noticeable in the moment, and easier to correct. 

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3 hours ago, Pres said:

I believe that you could set up a live feed with most any older camcorder or a recent digital using ports in the TV connected to the USB post in the camera. Does the TV have a model make and model # where you could look up the manual online if you don't have it?


PS If you find the connectivity better with a phone it might be worth looking at phone lens adapters to give you a slightly longer focal length.

Maybe a photographer here can recommend the best camera-subject distance and focal length for these demos.

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Usually for product photography with a cell phone, you want 2 feet of distance between camera and subject, and 2 feet of distance between subject and background. Video principles will be the same for this. I think lens adaptors may be extra, and the domain of content creators. But if you like the fun toys, don’t let me stop you. They’re fun to play with. I would definitely make sure your phone is in a case, and has a screen protector if you like your screen unscratched.

For demo purposes, I would think as long as the instructor’s hands and the pot are legible you wouldn’t have to fuss it too hard. If you need an additional light source, it should be to one side of the pot and potter, or behind the camera. You may also want to diffuse it somehow: I like a white tissue paper and LED combination, because they don't emit heat and I don’t own a ring light. I suggest playing around with it a bit before you need to actually do the demo. 

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