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Can my piece be saved?

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I am new to ceramics and work out of a community studio. I recently finished building a slab mug and in my eagerness to get it finished I accidentally dipped it in glaze before bisque firing. Is there any possible way to save it? I would truly appreciate some insight!

thank you!

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Do you know the recipe of the glazs?.just that there is a practice of once fired pots which doez just rhat, appIurs glaze to an unfured clay.  It could go into a glaze firing if it is possible to slow the glaze fire down till after 600°C. Or making sureno glaze on the base, bisque fire as usual then put through a glaze fire.

Or with mask on, sand off the glaze.

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I would fire it making sure the bottom is glaze free and a quarter of a inch is free of glaze on the outside edge next to the bottom.   This is one of those lessons you learn when you make pottery.    Try to make another mug like it,   the second one always comes out better.   There is a technique called raw glazing,  certain glazes are used and white or buff clay's.  Red clay has far to many impurities in it,  a slow bisque  firing is the best.    Denice

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