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Latex Loser

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Tried using this as my first foray into latex resist. Wanted to warn others about this particular product, which ended up leaving a nasty residue on edges, after mid-fire (see around outside of checkerboard circle). Textured too! I thought I totally removed it all before firing - weird hard glossiness as well. Perhaps will try to somehow sand it off. Bummed. Will try another brand in the future. IMG_3171.jpeg.f4170fd573b7ad732e89fbfd90c7be4c.jpeg


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Good to know any old off the shelf latex might not work. I tend to think all room temperature treatments will totally volatilize in the firing, obviously this is not so! I also recall a potter showing me where she had marked a piece of bisque with a regular pencil that somehow (faintly) persisted through cone 10. 

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