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Ceramic Tile Repair

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My 91 year old mother-in-law has a ceramic tile that has a hand painting of her mother’s home place. (Her grandparent’s house.) She has dropped and broken it. It is a clean break. We are in Georgia, north of Atlanta. Do you know of a resource near us where we might have  it repaired? Or have any other suggestion?
Thank you so very much,


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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I’m going to shift this thread to another spot on the forum so it gets better views.

The bad new is, if a ceramic object of any kind breaks, the only way to repair it will be with some form of cold process. It’s not possible to re-glaze and fire broken pieces so they’re whole again, and doing so runs the risk of ruining it entirely.

Since it’s a decorative pice anyways, gluing it with plain old crazy glue (following all package instructions, including wetting one side and not using too much) will hold it in one piece indefinitely, if it’s not put under stress. If you want to hang it, mounting it to a board with mirror or construction adhesive/P6000, etc and framing it would be a good way of adding extra reinforcement.

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You can can take it to shop that does restoration of ceramics (may have to send it ) goggle this to find one. Or I would use JB weld to glue it . Its water proof. I would pratcice on some othef broken ceramis to gain skill. You trim off the excess after it drys with a raxor blade .Its grey in color if white is better they have a marine white that trims white.

I have done this for many decades but you need to learn how to use and cut it before doing the final piece.

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