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QotW: How much area/distance do you cover when selling your ceramics?

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No new questions in the pool for the QotW, so I will pose a new one.

I have been amazed lately of the distances that some of you cover when doing wholesale/retail and shows in general. It would be interesting to know how far you travel for these sales. If you have any stories about these travels, please include them also. 

QotW: How much area/distance do you cover when selling your ceramics?

My history of sales is pretty simple. For years I sold at festivals and other venues in Blair and Center county in PA. I was frequent enough that folks returned to my booth after buying in previous years just to buy from me. At the same time though, I had and ongoing sales outlet with a religious group that needed chalices for meeting and ceremonies. Later they came to need patens also as they created an award in honor of one of their founders that led to me selling @20 communion sets a year and sending them to seminary schools all over the nation. Lots of work, and lots of shipping/ handling problems to be solved and I continue to do so. I have now created these for over 40 years. I have also sent some as far as Europe, Australia, and South Korea. 



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At one time about 1,100 mile each way to a show twice a year for 24 years straight. It was one of my best shows. Gave it up 6 years ago. I did AZ,NV,UT,Wa,CO, shows for many years. A few where two days trips to get to show and two days back and one was always 3 days to Denver. I did that for 5 straight years to Denver.  Last August I did my last Anacortes art show after about 30 years of them (retired from show which was my best)-that was 800 miles each way. I began a few years ago spliting into a two day drive up and and two back .Gave it all up last year no more traveling shows for me. I still have a twice a year wholesale order (20 boxes) I drive 4.5 hours each way to drop off. Its less than 1/2 the distance to the gallery it goes to. (its the gallery owners brothers house) They get it the rest of the way. Its one Forester full of pottery stuffed to the gills. At one time I drove over 20,000 a year on my old van doing art shops in the western states.In the last decade it was under 10,000 . Now its under 2k dropping off local orders. I do not miss it except for the large amounts of cash returning home with. That was always a nice feeling after slaying the Dragon at a big show.I was smart and saved much of it for later in life.Love my Roth 

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