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Help! Connect two big pieces together after glazed

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Hello, I'm new here and this is my new post :)

I have an urgent question and not so much time to experiment. Hope anybody can give me a proper guidance. 

I'm making a vase aprox 70cm High, my oven is not big enough so someone told me you can attach the pieces after. 
I made the vase in one part and the legs in another.  The idea is to glaze the parts separately and put them together later. The vase weighs more than 5 kg and the legs I think a little less. Is epoxy really that strong?

Both the base of the vase and the top of the legs do not have glaze, would there be a problem using epoxy there?

My oven has a capacity of 70 liters and it doesn't fit to make it in one piece.

Thank you very much,
I await your comments.

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El jarrón está diseñado en 2 partes porque no cabe en mi horno. Así que hice una especie de plato en la parte inferior para poder tener un poco de espacio para que el jarrón se colocara allí.

Un amigo me acaba de hablar de Araldite. ¿Hay alguna marca o producto que me puedan recomendar?


muchas gracias

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-15 at 1.04.16 PM.jpeg



*English translation added by Moderators, via Google Translate. 

The vase is designed in 2 parts because it does not fit in my oven. So I made a kind of plate at the bottom so I could have a little space for the vase to be placed there.

A friend just told me about Araldite. Is there a brand or product that you can recommend to me?

Thanks a lot

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Twenty years ago I made a sculpture that was of a woman holding flowers,   it  twice as large as the sculpture in your photo.  it also had a pedestal that it sat on.  I took it to a show it was suppose to be exhibited in.   They told me unless  I glued it to the base I won't be able to show it,  I was not sure about gluing it  much easier to move in two pieces.   My husband came up with the idea of double sided carpet tape.   They agreed to the tape,   when we removed the sculpture several weeks later the bust and base wouldn't separate.   The tape area was bisque not glazed,   it has been twenty years and they are still stuck together.     Denice

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