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Reusable stencils.

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I make mine out of tyvek.  I cut them on a die cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, Cameo, etc) If you know someone who has one, they could easily cut for you.  You can also handcut stencils from paper.  Rebecca May Verrill cuts hers by hand from paper.  You can use whatever scrap paper you have.  



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On 10/21/2021 at 11:50 AM, Callie Beller Diesel said:

I’ve seen people use any form of vinyl that one of those craft die cutting machines Roberta mentioned will handle. In case there’s no Australian tyvek equivalent, or no one you know is doing any home improvement projects at the moment. 

I know some people reuse those mailer envelopes.  Not the cardboardy ones but the fibrous plastic sort of envelopes.  I haven't tried cutting the roofing felt with the machine.  I may try that!!  Vinyl works best on bisque and I have had limited success with reusing those.  But the tyvek material does work well on leather hard or just rolled out clay.


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I have also been using mylar sheets on a Cricut.


These are 12"x24" but they also sell 12"x12".

Tyvek is easier to cut by hand but mylar can also be cut by hand and pretty easily if you use something like a wood burning tool or even a soldering iron.


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17 hours ago, Babs said:

Seems tyvek in Aus.aldo found tyvek waterproof paper used for printing posyers and graphics.the expensive alternative. Time to hit my son in law builder for an off cut or two...xmas is coming , could put in a request.

What are you'all making for Xmas

Oooo good job Babs!  Builder in the fam!     I am sticking with basics for the holidays.  Sippers, mugs, bowls, trays.  Oh and ornaments.  I should probably make some spoon rests too.


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