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Firing decals - Can the vessels be stacked, like they can in a bisque firing?

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I am firing for someone who has applied decals over the top of a glazed piece, and I was wondering whether it would be ok to stack the pieces in the kiln in order to minimise the amount of firings? Would the transfers rub off onto other pieces or would it be ok?

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I'd never stack any glazed pieces during firing to any temperature.  It sounds like your trying to save on space/time with this technique, right?

I have an awful lot of slab work and I bite the bullet and use lots of shelves and short risers.

Another question might be, would you do it for some of your own work that you really cared about successfully firing.  That's my thought. 

Best of luck.

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There’s a lot of reasons not to do this. But short answer, if your glaze has a lot of boron in it (think anything that fires in the cone 6 range or less), they can start to  re-melt at cone 016 or lower. 

Further good info on the subject:


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